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With the clock ticking, interior minister Anabela Rodrigues has been pulling out all the stops to halt the police “work-to-rule” which threatens to lose the State millions of euros worth of income in traffic fines during the month of September.

Portugal is “just a few years away” from having a network of stadiums promoting horseracing with bets which could channel €300 million into the economy every year. Construction, employment, agriculture, tourism - the list of winners is endless,

Five government ministries are said to be working hard to pave the way into Portugal for the 1,500 migrant refugees due to arrive within the next two years.

According to sources at the interior ministry, no migrants are expected before

It is a three-part “drama” in which director Miguel Gomes promises to redress “the lies of Portugal’s politicians” and show the ravages imposed by the troika.

The national début later today of “A Thousand and One Nights” is getting

A man alleged to be employed by Portuguese football club Benfica was arrested at the end of July suspected of being linked to a drug network that imported cocaine from South America. Jornal de Notícias carries the story this morning (August 27),

Set against the world’s escalating crises, Portugal’s sardine hiatus may seem like small potatoes - but it is an issue that is igniting fishing communities up and down the country and leaving everyone who delights in the country’s signature fish

A carpark used by beachgoers near Praia do Pintadinho in Ferragudo was almost completely cut off by “blocks of concrete and fencing” on Thursday morning (August 20) and only reopened on Monday.

As the Resident witnessed, surprised

Albufeira council is forging ahead with “surreal” demolition plans that have shocked a neighbourhood.

Refusing every single attempt at contact by the Resident, the council has applied for technical advice from the national laboratory of

A €1 million project to promote Portugal’s ‘Rocha’ pear was launched last week, with 20 journalists travelling to the country to learn about the national fruit.

“The goal is to showcase the pear’s traits and how it is produced, so that the

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“Scottish invasion” expected for football match against Gibraltar at Algarve Stadium

Over 20,000 Scottish football fans are expected to flock to the Algarve to see their team’s Euro

Weekend weather: Plummeting temperatures with sun shining only in the Algarve

Portugal is in for a gloomy weekend with temperatures plummeting as much as 10º C in some areas,


Two international singing stars, Bonnie Tyler and Sir Cliff Richard, dropped into the Kiss Fm stu

Carbonised body found by foreign residents in Saboia, Odemira

A group of foreign residents “out walking” yesterday (Thursday) morning discovered a badly burnt

Positive news for environmentalists battling Algarve mega-development in Praia Grande

The environmental battle that has become synonymous with saving the Algarve’s birding paradise La

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Government scrambles to nip police traffic fines “amnesty” in the bud (with video)
Top Stories

With the clock ticking, interior minister Anabela Rodrigues has been pulling out all the stops...

Algarve to be key in Portugal’s multi-million network of horseracing stadiums
Top Stories

Portugal is “just a few years away” from having a network of stadiums promoting horseracing with...

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