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Environment minister Jorge Moreira da Silva - already dubbed Public Enemy No 1 for trying to push through the demolition of hundreds of families’ homes - is yet again in hot water for the lack of success of the government’s pledge that 500,000

In jail for six months, Operation Marquês defendant Carlos Santos Silva has at last been told he can be fitted with an electronic bracelet and serve the remainder of time waiting for police to wind up the corruption probe at his home in Lisbon.

Tivoli Hotels & Resorts and the André Jordan group are organising the 9th Duke of Edinburgh Cup, bringing the event’s Portuguese qualifying rounds to the Ocêanico Victoria Golf Course in Vilamoura on May 30.

The two top-performing

A two-year investigation by Greenpeace Africa has implicated Portugal in the illicit trade of “blood wood” from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The wood that has been felled against forestry legislation - destroying habitats as well

PJ police are investigating why a Chinese couple, both with permanent visas to remain in Portugal, was caught trying to board a plane at Lisbon’s Portela airport with a stash of around €1 million and 3.5 million Chinese yuan neatly wrapped in

Against a backdrop of tragic deaths, around 100 determined protestors have signed a motion calling for the immediate suspension of tolls on the Algarve’s A22 highway.

The no-nonsense document calls once again on authorities to resume much

PJ police in Lisbon are today hunting the taxi driver who drove off after one of his passengers fell to his death on Lisbon’s “2º Circular” highway. Rui Dibuela, 22, was on his way to the airport to fly to Angola when he is understood to have

British Airways has resumed its route linking Funchal, the capital of Madeira, to London’s Gatwick Airport.

The link - closed in 2008 – has begun with three weekly flights on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, but will boast more during the

The extraordinary aspect of this story is that 25-year-old Bruno Costa was honest. When the young man found a coat clearly left behind by accident on an airport trolley at Porto’s Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, he did not hesitate.

“I didn

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Text messages and calls “can now be submitted in court as evidence”

In a historic ruling, Évora’s court of appeal has clarified that text messages (even if they are


One person was injured and another two people were left in “serious condition” following another

New access system at Faro Airport gives drivers 10 minutes’ free parking

Drivers picking up or dropping off passengers at Faro airport now have 10 minutes’ free parking a

Ria Formosa demolitions STOPPED in the name of the shy chameleon

The community of Farol, on Culatra Island, is celebrating tonight to such an extent that almost n

Pakistani newspaper raves about “the lure of Lisbon”

After all the accolades heaped on it by US travel magazines, the “lure of Lisbon” has now been fe

Bank of Portugal pays €800,000 to “friend’s firm” to oversee Novo Banco sale

With the story broken by radio TSF and now doing the rounds of national media, it appears that th

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Christina walks tall after €2,000 donation

Christina Vandermeulen is walking tall after raising €2,000 for needy children and their...

Women in the Roman Empire

Athens-born Dr. Rita Roussos, a classical art historian, will be presenting a lecture on ‘The...

Algarve hosts 8th Superbike Championship race

For the eighth year running, Superbike FIM World Championship will be bringing many of the world...

Hedonista Bar & Kitchen opens in Lagos

“Life is an infinite search for pleasure” is a true hedonist’s motto. If that’s something you...


A new card offering locals and tourists a variety of “exciting deals, discounts and privileges”...

New valet parking service launched at Faro Airport

A new valet parking service named Just Fly has been launched at Faro Airport, providing...

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Christina walks tall after €2,000 donation
Christina Vandermeulen is walking tall...
Women in the Roman Empire
Athens-born Dr. Rita Roussos, a...
Algarve hosts 8th Superbike Championship race
For the eighth year running, Superbike...