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Flight || A 51-year-old Irishman on a flight from Belfast to Faro was arrested on touchdown last week after allegedly assaulting a flight attendant.

According to reports, the attendant had noticed the passenger “trying to take four

New data shows once again that Portimão is Portugal’s worst payer when it comes to municipal bills - still taking an average five years and four months (1,975 days) to pay its suppliers.

Nazaré is Portugal’s second worst payer (1,627 days

Unlike its famous namesake, Olhão's "Berlin Wall" looks unlikely to be coming down any day soon.

Rail authority Refer is adamant that the closure of a much-used pedestrian crossing in the heart of town is permanent - and it says it is

Finances || Loulé council will be paying off the €10 million it owes the PAEL financial support programme by the end of this year, in order to lower municipal property taxes (IMI) in 2015.

It’s all part of the council’s plan to “regain

A Colombian drug-trafficker with an unusual spring in his step was arrested in Lisbon airport on Monday, en-route for Madrid. The 27-year-old was found to have 3,600 doses of cocaine masterfully moulded into insoles inside his shoes.


Portugal’s Ministry of Defence confirmed this week that Lisbon’s Portela airport and the US military base at Lajes in the Azores will both be used by America in the latest effort to combat the Ebola virus at source in West Africa.

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Weekend weather: Back to summer from Sunday!

After being given an early taste of winter, Portugal is set to enjoy warmer temperatures and clearer skies from Sunday.

Birthday messages for Lagos’ chef still missing after one month

It is now more than a month since newspapers highlighted the mystery of missing Lagos chef Jon Anderson Edwards - and now the young man from Arbroa

Budget 'cuts' may devastate Algarve tourism success

Tourism chiefs are worried that government-proposed budget cuts could devastate the current 'success' ongoing in the Algarve.

“Insulting a tax inspector” to incur fine and possible jail for five years

A new shock hidden in the small-print of the government’s proposed 2015 budget is the raising of the status of tax officials so that they can act l

Thirteen-year-old girl dies after saving siblings from fire

A heartbreakingly brave 13-year-old girl died tragically this morning after saving her four younger siblings - one of whom is blind - in a house fi


In an extraordinary display of bad timing, Portugal’s coalition government has announced a new price hike at the pumps.

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Mediterranean garden fair returns for sixth year

Estoi || The sixth Mediterranean Garden Fair is taking place in the historic gardens of the...

‘Light-fingered’ Irishman arrested at Faro airport
Top Stories

Flight || A 51-year-old Irishman on a flight from Belfast to Faro was arrested on touchdown...


Novo Banco’s new white knight, Eduardo Stock da Cunha, is in good odour this week as a damage...


Over €6,450 has been raised by local residents for the Algarve Oncology Association’s ‘Casa Flor...

InterContinental Group takes over Lisbon’s Tiara Park Atlantic

It is a prestige location in the heart of Lisbon, and now it’s part of the InterContinental...


Quinta dos Vales wine and art centre in Estômbar achieved another important milestone for its “...

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