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Legacy contact - the Facebook service that allows people to run accounts of the dead - has finally arrived in Portugal after being available elsewhere since February.

Briefly, it involves what Americans call “memorialization”.

Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo will no longer be starring in commercials for Novo Banco, saving the institution that morphed from the ashes of BES €750,000 a pop.

The decision, prompted by Novo Banco’s need to rein in expenses

Police have issued a warning over a “new phenomenon” which has seen a number of foreign holidaymakers “gang raped” after nights out on the town in Lisbon.

The last known incident took place a week ago and has seen four young men from

Getting a huge “thumbs down” in the nation’s tabloid press for his comments this week, Portugal’s minister for foreign affairs, Rui Machete, has admitted Portugal has “no concrete data” on the number of Portuguese who have gone to fight for

Dubai’s premier carrier Emirates has announced an additional daily flight to Lisbon to meet increasing demand.

The airline first launched flights from Dubai to Lisbon back in 2012 and has seen a steady increase in customer demand,

Police in UK and Australia have been at odds all week over the possible identity of the skeletal remains of a murdered child found dumped by the roadside in the Southern Australian bush three weeks ago.

While Australian police have

|| For the second year running, the Algarve has been named the “best place in the world to retire to” by the Live and Invest Overseas website.

It promised the spice of a new banking ‘scandal’, but authorities have been swift to quash last week’s newspaper exposé in Público, alleging that the Bank of Portugal had denounced “suspect money-laundering operations” at CEMG - Caixa Económico

It lasted less than most commercials, but the 20 seconds of panic in a “pastelaria” (coffee shop) in a small town near Porto has been splashed over the nation’s tabloid Correio da Manhã this morning, showing the extent of petty crime ongoing in

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Joining the millions of words already written about this century’s most famous missing person com

Body found near UK’s Brighton Station “could be that of missing Portuguese student”

Sussex police are reported to have found a body in an advanced stage of decomposition in a ditch

Pirate Week returns to Armação de Pêra

Armação de Pêra is becoming “pirate central” once again.

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