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Brilliant sunshine weather is expected virtually throughout mainland Portugal this weekend, with temperatures reaching 26ºC in the Algarve and a scalding 36ºC in some inland areas, according to data from the Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Insitute

With customer complaints through the roof during the last two months, Portugal’s national airline TAP is now facing total paralysis.

Pilots are meeting this afternoon - with strike action firmly on the table - while almost 50 flights have

It has been hailed as the end of one of the “most influential centres of power” in Portugal’s political, social and financial world. Minutes after former BES boss Ricardo Salgado was released on a €3 million bail facing charges of fraud, abuse of

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Gonçalo Amaral insists that the lawfulness of his book Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira is “indisputable” and has reiterated that he may file a counter

Toll revenue

Road toll revenue has increased 9.3% in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year, Portuguese road authority Estradas de Po

Portugal’s disgraced BES bank chief and Deputy PM Paulo Portas travel to Angola in separate bids for financial support

Angola is the chosen destination this week of Deputy PM Paulo Portas, days after the disgraced former BES banking boss Ricardo Salgado allegedly tr


As Eurostat reports that Portugal’s deficit has increased by 7 billion - tipping it six full percentage points over the government’s expectations -

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Female, neutered, 1 year old, very sweet girl. Loves to hug. Good with other cats. Likes to play...

Adopt a pet

Beautiful, larger female dog. She can be a bit bossy (probably just just insecurity) so she...

Adopt a pet

Big, friendly boy full of energy and joy, born in July 2010. He is looking for a new home with...

Adopt a pet

Brought to our shelter when his owner could not afford to keep him, he was very thin and weak....

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Female, neutered, 1 year old, very...
Beautiful, larger female dog. She can...
Big, friendly boy full of energy and...