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Anti-oil activists should be delighting in the fact that Portugal’s fight against the government zeal to exploit fossil fuels - however loud citizens speak out against them - has finally made it ‘out of the country’. But they are not.

A so-called Lesbian kiss between two 16-year-old schoolgirls in Vagos (Aveiro) has sparked extraordinary controversy, involving even members of parliament.

The nuts-and-bolts of the issue centres on whether or not the girls were “

Animal lovers are demanding justice after at least 14 cats were found dead, believed to have been poisoned, near the AlgarSuper area in Moncarapacho, Olhão yesterday (May 25).

Five were discovered in a supermarket rubbish bin, one of which

It has taken over two years, but finally the former step-father of Aljezur schoolgirl Bruna Nunes has been formally charged with her hideous murder.

Bruna, 17 - a promising local athlete - was bludgeoned to death with what investigators

Portugal is in for tropical weather this weekend. According to forecasts, the country is expecting grey clouds, rain and warm temperatures that could top 30ºC in some regions.

Ten districts in the north are under yellow alert today (Friday

With time (finally) running out for prosecutors attempting to unravel the myriad complexities of Operation Marques’ involving former prime minister José Sócrates, a new ‘blow’ has entered the mix.

A key defendant - and cousin of Sócrates

It began at midnight last (Thursday) night and is the second national strike to hit the Socialist government since it seized power after 2015’s ‘inconclusive elections’.

Considering all the ‘good financial news’ touted recently in the

Two young cyclists who broke a mountain bike ride to draw on a prehistoric UNESCO site face criminal damage charges that could see them jailed for up to eight years.

The unnamed men - aged 25 and 30 - used a small stone to etch the image

With President Donald Trump attending the NATO summit in Brussels today - and expected to “press members to pay their full financial share” (ie 2% of GDP), Portugal’s defence minister Azeredo Lopes has been explaining why Portugal is unlikely to

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Many Britons have discovered that the Algarve is a fantastic place to retire. It is not just...

Economy & Finance

IMI, the local assessment on real estate, is a municipal tax levied on the rateable value (VPT)...

Top Stories

Anti-oil activists should be delighting in the fact that Portugal’s fight against the government...

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There are moments in life when we need...
Many Britons have discovered that the...