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Portugal’s traditional blue ‘azulejos’ (tiles) are among the “12 treasures of Europe”, writes the New York Times in yet another article to praise this country for its sights and special traditions. Other European treasures are the hats of London

Following the heartbreaking story of the 13-year-old who carried her younger siblings to safety one-by-one from a house fire before dying from smoke inhalation, PJ police are now understood to be considering charging the girl’s parents with

As many feared, the pomp and circumstance given to assurances that long delayed roadworks on the EN125 would re-start "very soon" was all just a strategic exercise in PR.

The reality for the Algarve's most dangerous road is that

Congress || As the aftershocks of the proposed 2015 budget continue, Economy Minister Pires de Lima has vowed there will be no more hidden tourism taxes.

Celebration, nonetheless, was mooted as the 26th Congress of Portuguese Hoteliers

As political commentators highlight stress fractures in the coalition - and daily ‘budget shocks’ are rolled out by the nation’s press - Portugal’s bosses are calling for early elections.

They say waiting until next October is “not in the

Lisbon's stock market is in tatters today after shares in Portugal Telecom hit an historic new low. And although analysts claim there is “no news that explains” the shock, the truth is that its roots lie at the heart of the Espírito Santo banking

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Weekend weather: Back to summer from Sunday!

After being given an early taste of winter, Portugal is set to enjoy warmer temperatures and clearer skies from Sunday.

Birthday messages for Lagos’ chef still missing after one month

It is now more than a month since newspapers highlighted the mystery of missing Lagos chef Jon Anderson Edwards - and now the young man from Arbroa

Budget 'cuts' may devastate Algarve tourism success

Tourism chiefs are worried that government-proposed budget cuts could devastate the current 'success' ongoing in the Algarve.

“Insulting a tax inspector” to incur fine and possible jail for five years

A new shock hidden in the small-print of the government’s proposed 2015 budget is the raising of the status of tax officials so that they can act l

Thirteen-year-old girl dies after saving siblings from fire

A heartbreakingly brave 13-year-old girl died tragically this morning after saving her four younger siblings - one of whom is blind - in a house fi

Madeleine: “stranger” DNA evidence to be retested

In the fourth ‘new’ Madeleine story to break this week, it has been revealed that Scotland Yard detectives are hoping “new technological advances”

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Portugal’s traditional blue ‘azulejos’ (tiles) are among the “12 treasures of Europe”
Top Stories

Portugal’s traditional blue ‘azulejos’ (tiles) are among the “12 treasures of Europe”, writes...

Algarve healthcare concerns published in government’s official newspaper

Concerns over healthcare in the Algarve have made it to the Portuguese parliament (AR).



Lagos football club Esperança will be holding its first classic car rally this weekend (October...

PJ investigate tragic case of child neglect in Amadora
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Following the heartbreaking story of the 13-year-old who carried her younger siblings to safety...

DeBorla opens in Parchal

Home furnishings chain DeBorla is returning to the Portimão area two years after a devastating...