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Almost the minute the country’s fires were dominated, social and political fallout has begun.

Citizens groups are appearing over social media calling for demonstrations.

Says Diário de Notícias, demands range from “sustainable

Just days after featuring two Portuguese bookstores in a list of the most beautiful in the world, UK newspaper The Telegraph published another article online detailing 10 reasons why the Algarve is the “greatest place on Earth for a family

The inconvenient truth is that access to the state health service has “deteriorated between 2014 and 2016” with clear indications that the health ministry has sanctioned the falsifying of performance data, particularly when it came to patient

Faro welcomed 3.5 million passengers this summer (+14.1%)

Portuguese airports celebrated their “best summer ever” in terms of passenger numbers this year, and Faro Airport played a key role in the historic results.

Between July and

Forestry producers who have any trees left after the devastating wildfires this year are not out of the woods yet. The prolonged drought is affecting cork oaks and may lead to a dismal cork harvest next year. Producers have been telling Lusa that

It’s a 12-year problem on the Azorean island that houses the US airbase at Lajes and one that authorities on both sides seem to have been ignoring. Now the island’s CDS-PP vice-president Félix Rodrigues says it is time to act, to “understand

It should be ready by the end of the year and means to lead the way for other national cities. The Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo ‘plan for situations of air pollution’ will involve new regulations for cars entering the city and a new system for collating

Head lice affect primary school age children every year and in Portugal the sale of products purported to tackle the problem has been going off the scale. In 2016, the country’s parents spent €7.3 million “eliminating” these itchy-scratchy

Tuesday morning, 5am: Civil Protection has sounded the all-clear after 48 infernal hours in which the centre and north of the country battled over 700 wildfires.

Right now, website confirms there are no fires in evolution.

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Portugal woke up this morning to new fire horror.


Incredible winds accompanying the passage of Hurricane Ophelia as it bears down on the UK have pl


Tropical storm Ophelia has transformed into a hurricane and its on its way to Portugal.




Tiny Shelter - the little refuge for mistreated and abandoned dogs in Albufeira - is under new at


As the country is assailed by tragedy, the failure of Portugal’s refugee programme may seem an ir

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Almost the minute the country’s fires were dominated, social and political fallout has begun....


‘Fun Day Halloween’ is taking place on October 28-29 at the Portimão Arena from 10am to 7pm....


Portugal’s national football team will be facing the United States of America in a friendly...


Amendoeira Golf Resort, near Alcantarilha, is putting final preparations in place ahead of...


Unlike the rest of the European Union (EU), Portugal saw its car sales increase in September...


The next Algarve History Association event will be a talk by Knut Myrer on “The History of the...

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Almost the minute the country’s fires...
‘Fun Day Halloween’ is taking place on...
Portugal’s national football team will...