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It’s the news that drivers in and around Lagos have wanted to hear for years – the bypass of the EN125 road that will see excessive traffic being channeled out of the town finally opened today (Wednesday, July 1).

The announcement came

A 28-year-old Portuguese man was arrested in Faro on June 26 on suspicion of rape and attempted rape of two foreign women – one Polish (32) and the other German (33) respectively.

PJ criminal police said the man is believed to have tried

Filipe Silva, the PSP commander who brutally attacked a father and grandfather in front of two children after a football match in Guimarães, could face a three-month suspension and a 60% salary cut, reports Diário de Notícias.

The measures

American smartphone taxi service Uber has been banned from Portugal by Lisbon’s Court of Appeal.

The decision was confirmed by Antral, the national taxi association that lodged an injunction against Uber in April.

Antral has asked

Portugal’s unemployment rate increased 0.4 percentages points in May after three months of recovery, now representing 13.2% of the working age population.

In practical terms, it means that over 676,000 people are unemployed in Portugal.

A pilot escaped unscathed after the firefighting helicopter he was flying plunged into a lake in Lamoso, Paços de Ferreira, on Monday.

The helicopter was refilling its water tanks to help put out a fire in the nearby area of Sanfins.

It is considered by the local mayor as a “much-needed boost for the local economy”, but summer nightspot Búzios to be located in Praia da Rocha is already shrouded in controversy even before it has opened.

Councilman José Pedro Caçorino

Hawaiian surf legend Garrett McNamara, known for riding monster waves in Portugal’s Nazaré and bringing fame to the location, will be the guest of honour at the inauguration of a waterslide at the Aquashow water park in Quarteira this Saturday (

Maria Barroso, the wife of Portugal’s former president and prime minister Mário Soares, is in “critical condition” after suffering a massive brain haemorrhage from a fall on Thursday night (June 25).

Her condition took a turn for the worse

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It’s the news that drivers in and around Lagos have wanted to hear for years – the bypass of the...

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