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Coming on the first day for Portugal to wake up to a new political reality, the Bank of Portugal is launching the “Europa” series of €20 notes, designed to make counterfeiting a great deal more difficult, if not impossible.

Up until now,

Chinese group HNA has just purchased almost a quarter of the capital of Azul Airlines, the Brazilian company owned by TAP shareholder and joint owner David Neeleman. The €427.8 million deal sets the company’s worth at €1.76 billion, turning Azul

As Europe braces itself against the spectre of yet more terrorist attacks, Portugal’s border control agency SEF has admitted any order to close this country’s borders would be “almost impossible” to effect. President of the syndicate of SEF

More than a quarter of people in Portugal who became infected with HIV last year are over the age of 50. As many as 7% are over-65, which has prompted health chiefs into revising upwards their recommendation that AIDS testing should be offered “

A 74-year-old woman compulsively interned in Barreiro Hospital was found to be carrying a loaded gun. According to a statement by the local PSP, the woman was taken to the hospital by a police patrol and it was only once she had been delivered

British birdwatchers have donated €1,000 to the campaign waged by SPEA - Portugal’s bird protection society - against the illegal capture of songbirds. Dubbed “Say no to little birds on the plate and in cages”, the initiative seeks to change

More Portuguese doctors than ever before want to emigrate; more want to take early retirement - and worse, regional president of the doctors association Miguel Guimarães claims more untimely deaths have resulted from state health service cuts

Wanted on suspicion of murder in Brazil and condemned in Portugal to 10-years in jail for fraud and money-laundering, former PSD parliamentary leader Duarte Lima continues to dodge justice with Houdini-like finesse. News this week is that he is

It could be an ingenious game - or it could be a genuine ‘excuse’ - but the truth is that former BES bank lord Ricardo Salgado remains locked under house arrest in his Cascais mansion, claiming to have no funds with which to post bail.


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“Europa” €20 notes come into circulation, making counterfeiting more difficult
Top Stories

Coming on the first day for Portugal to wake up to a new political reality, the Bank of Portugal...

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