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As stories of the barbarity of Islamic State continue to revolt the civilised world, a 21-year-old whose family lives in Sagres has become the latest statistic in the little-publicised backlash - people who travel to Syria to take-up arms against

Oyster farmers in the Algarve are complaining that high taxes, bureaucracy and the excessive number of entities involved in the licensing of new projects are putting the brakes on the development of the region’s oyster production.


With an uncanny sense of political timing, a Russian military plane is set to make observation flights over Portugal and Spain this week.

The news comes as Greece has accused Portugal and Spain of leading an “anti-Athens axis” against his

An 80-year-old Portuguese man died yesterday afternoon (on Sunday, March 1) after his motorbike crashed on a road near Ameixeira, Santa Bárbara de Nexe (Loulé).

It is believed the man may have had a heart problem that caused the crash, a

In an attempt to minimise the toxic fallout generated by the speech in which Greek PM Alexis Tsipras accused the governments of Portugal and Spain leading a conservative conspiracy to topple his country, the Greek government has issued a

Portugal at a crossroads: today, tomorrow and beyond to 2030

In May 2014 Portugal became the second country after Ireland to successfully complete its IMF-EU led readjustment programme while repaying the first tranche of its €78 billion

He bought it in 1991 for the equivalent of €500,000 and now the luxury villa of former Formula One legend Ayrton Senna is reported to be on the market for a whopping €9.5 million.

Italian sports journal La Gazzetta dello Sport carried the

In an effort to reduce the number of smokers in Portugal, the Ministry of Health has confirmed it plans to start paying for prescription drugs to help people kick the habit. But there's a catch.

Smokers will have to pay for the drugs

Abu Salem, described by Wikipedia as a “billionaire gangster” who owned as many as 12 passports and killed hundreds of people in a Mumbai bomb blast, was extradited by Portugal to India after years of legal too-ing and fro-ing on the

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Police arrest seven in connection with hacker group ‘Anonymous Portugal’

Seven people suspected of being part of hacker group ‘Anonymous Portugal’ were arrested by PJ pol


It seemed worse than it actually was but a small fire that broke out today (February 25) behind t

Pastéis de nata would win ‘custard tart battle'

An article published online by The Guardian newspaper has named the Portuguese ‘pastel de nata’ t

Azores a "bucket list" must, says Huffington Post

It was recently considered the “world’s most sustainable destination” by Green Destinations, and

Weekend weather: We're fine in the south, but not so elsewhere...

The Algarve is set to enjoy warm, sunny weather this weekend while northern areas are headed for

UPDATE: Hackers strike back and demand release of arrested

A day after seven people were arrested for alleged connections to hacker group ‘Anonymous Portuga

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Sagres soldier becomes latest “deserter” to fight Islamic State
Top Stories

As stories of the barbarity of Islamic State continue to revolt the civilised world, a 21-year-...

Top Stories

Oyster farmers in the Algarve are complaining that high taxes, bureaucracy and the excessive...

Castro Marim's Altura-Furnazinhas road "ready by April"

Castro Marim council has announced that the construction of a municipal road between Altura and...

Fukushima art exhibition displayed in Eurocity of Guadiana

An art exhibition inspired by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster will be on display in Vila...

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It is that time of year again when the pine processionary caterpillars are on the move. If you...


Non-residents are taxable on income and gains within Portugal. When the paying entities are...

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