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A British lawyer is purported to be calling for people to boycott Portugal as a tourist destination because of the authorities’ failure to protect horses.

The extraordinary connection that Ms Susan Clark has made - that a country does not

As shockwaves reverberate through the corridors of power, the big question is – has the former prime minister whose political nickname is “the wild beast” finally been cornered?

On his way to Évora jail late on Monday night, “strongly

A national warning advising people throughout Portugal to take special care when out and about tonight (November 27) and tomorrow has been launched by Portugal’s Civil Protection Authority (ANPC).

Heavy rain and strong winds are expected

The scandal that has split the country into those who think former PM José Sócrates is squeaky clean and those who affirm that he is anything but took a new turn as the jailed Socialist's lawyer's wife tweeted some rather extraordinary “secrets

Cante Alentejano, a traditional form of music in the Alentejo that relies solely on polyphonic singing, was considered Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO this morning.

The bid was approved by a UNESCO committee only five minutes after

Former Portuguese president, political warrior Mário Soares has hit out at the “wickedness” of the decision to remand José Sócrates in jail pending investigations into his alleged crimes of corruption, tax fraud and money-laundering.


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Mystery over identity of British “lawyer” calling for tourism boycott of Portugal
Top Stories

A British lawyer is purported to be calling for people to boycott Portugal as a tourist...

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Experience Christmas without the tinsel and the trees but as it was the very first time. The...

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