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Almost the last ever to consider emigration, Portugal’s beleaguered sardine fishermen are now realising they may have no choice.

A poignant text in Diário de Notícias has given the point of view of seasoned fisherman Evangelino Rosário -

A year after the spectacular collapse of Portugal’s judicial portal - ironically christened CITIUS, after the Latin for speed - president of the association of Public Ministry magistrates António Ventinhas claims the system is now even worse.

The Resident is offering readers a chance to see Ireland face off against Gibraltar in a qualifying match for UEFA's 2016 European Championship.

The game will take place on Friday (September 4) at 7.45pm, in the Algarve Stadium in Loulé,

With a blood alcohol level of 2.32 - which translates into over four times over the legal limit - a 33-year-old driver was found driving in the wrong direction on the A16 motorway near Cascais in the early hours of Sunday morning… and allowed

In what has been an agonising case for the family of accident victim Adelino Machado, an insurance company has finally been made to pay up after four years of legal wrangling.

Machado, who worked in the admin department of Braga PJ (

Out campaigning and receiving very mixed receptions, Portugal’s prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho has once again alluded to government plans to privatise Caixa Geral de Depósitos, the country’s cash-strapped State bank.

This time it was

With their financial crisis hammering life at home, Angolans are clamouring for visa entry to Portugal, reports Expresso.

In the first six months of this year, the Portuguese embassy in Luanda had already processed the same number of

For better or worse, the Bank of Portugal has to decide by midnight tonight on negotiations it has been having over the sale of Novo Banco.

Always intended to be sold to the highest bidder, “best offer” so far from Chinese insurance group

Almost a year since he was caught, “kidnap dad” Paulo Guiomar is finally to go on trial.

His tug-of-love daughter Maria Alice - taken from her mother and hidden for two years - is now back enjoying a normal life with the little half-

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British icon Sir Cliff Richard was awarded The Golden Key to the City of Albufeira on Thursday (A

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Albufeira council is forging ahead with “surreal” demolition plans that have shocked a neighbourh


The Algarve woke up this morning to a new pro-oil exploration company, which has not only filched

Dutch tourist mugged in late-night Albufeira

A Dutch holidaymaker, believed to be in his late 30s, has become the latest late-night mugging vi

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Almost the last ever to consider emigration, Portugal’s beleaguered sardine fishermen are now...


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