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Two of the region’s prime-location luxury tourist developments are up for sale – but details are scarce. No one close to the deals seems prepared to say anything. All that is known for certain, according to Portuguese daily newspaper Diário

Former prime minister José Sócrates has now been caught up in the escalating spiral of financial scandals sweeping through Portugal’s elite.

Days after BES banking mogul Ricardo Espírito Santo Salgado was implicated in the infamous Monte

The BES scandal escalated last night as losses in the first six months of this year were confirmed at €3.6 billion. They are not simply the worst banking losses on record in Portugal - they hint at yet more scandal within the troubled Espírito

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They refuse to give up. News that investigation into the tragedy at Meco beach has been archived will not stop the families of the six students who died from demanding justice. They are due to meet with their lawyer Vítor...

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A Madeira-bound Monarch flight out of Birmingham was forced to make an emergency landing at Faro Airport late yesterday afternoon due to problems w


Gonçalo Amaral insists that the lawfulness of his book Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira is “indisputable” and has reiterated that he may file a counter

TAP airline in crisis as Portuguese entrepreneur announces multi-million euro purchase bid

The crisis within TAP Portugal went into overdrive this weekend after pilots voted for a one-day strike on August 9.


Portugal is featured on the front cover of National Geographic’s Traveler magazine for August/September, with a subtitle that reads: “Discover the

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Some might know Burro Ville as a donkey sanctuary not far from the autodrome near Mexilhoeira...


Chitra Stern, a graduate of the London Business School (MBA 2000), won this year’s Accomplished...

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It has a stunning fin-de-siècle façade but that’s about it. There is almost nothing left of the...


Lagoa's 12th popular sweets fest, the ‘Mostra do Doce Conventual”, went with a swing this year,...

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Chitra Stern, a graduate of the London...
It has a stunning fin-de-siècle façade...
The next Algarve History Association...