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Former Portuguese president, political warrior Mário Soares has hit out at the “wickedness” of the decision to remand José Sócrates in jail pending investigations into his alleged crimes of corruption, tax fraud and money-laundering.


The A22’s EasyToll system may be too easy by half. At least that’s the excuse given by Spanish drivers for the millions of euros worth of toll debts owed by them in Portugal.

“Spanish drivers cross the border and enter the Algarve thinking

Unpasteurised goats cheese is once again believed to be responsible for an outbreak of Brucellosis that has so far affected over a dozen people in the northern town of Baião, (Porto) causing four to be hospitalised.

Health inspectors have

Adding insult to injury, the two submarines that Portugal purchased for a billion euros in 2004 and which led to high-level allegations of corruption - with convictions in Germany - are now costing €10 million simply to “service”.


A sleigh drawn by real-life reindeer will bring Santa Claus to Loulé this Saturday (November 29), kicking off the municipality’s 2014 Christmas programme.

Entitled ‘O Natal é no Comércio Tradicional’, the programme has been devised to

Two PSD MPs are under investigation for alleged abuse of the government’s SIGIC scheme.

An anonymous tip-off has alerted PJ police to the possibility that the MPs were using the scheme to divert business to two Coimbra clinics.


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