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Making the Algarve a “year-round destination for tourism” was the gist of speeches made by Portimão mayoress Isilda Gomes and Prime Minister António Costa at the official opening of Pestana’s five-star Algarve Race Hotel near the Portimão

Today (Wednesday) saw the battle against mass demolitions in Ria Formosa move to new ground.

Determined islanders who staked out the visit to Portimão yesterday of prime minister António Costa were buoyed by assurances that their case was

Renault is investing €150 million to keep its factory in Cacia, Aveiro running for another “15 to 20 years”.

The decision follows a deal struck between the company and the factory’s workers on Monday (September 26), says national media.

The convoluted voting process for the next UN secretary general has seen Portugal’s former Socialist prime minister António Guterres keep hold of his lead through the fifth ballot.

As website New Europe explains this means that “in spite

A Cape Verdian mother-of-10 has finally won the last round of a desperate four-year battle to recover custody of six of her children. Liliana Melo lost her youngest children because she refused to undergo medical sterilisation.


In another supreme example of the alacrity of Portuguese justice, the case of a Brazilian belly-dancer filmed at the controls of a high-speed train to Porto, sounding the horn, snorting with laughter and blowing kisses at the camera has finally

Government changes to the calculations of IRS (income tax) returns have seen the State paying out 2.3 billion in rebates for 2015. It is great news for taxpayers, but not helping State coffers, explains the nation’s media. Nonetheless prime

A certain degree of mystery surrounds the two-day visit this week to the Azorean island of Terceira by Chinese prime minister Li Keqiang.

The fact that the island is the home of the US military base of Lajes - which the US means to scale

Yet another “large blaze” broke out in the scarred countryside between Portimão and Monchique late on Monday afternoon - but thanks to incredibly quick response by firefighters from 11 corporations across the Algarve, the worst of it was over

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As many as 700 people had to be evacuated yesterday afternoon as a popular west coast eco-resort


Ryanair is again putting pressure on Portugal’s national airline TAP.


Another large fire has suddenly engulfed countryside in the Monchique foothills around Rasmalho.


CNN is more than enthusiastic about Portimão’s Bela Vista Hotel.


The emotionally-charged silent protest organised outside the Public Ministry in Portimão today (S

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Soccer Olhanense Strollers (SOS) will defend the Algarve Walking Football Tournament title,...


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Soccer Olhanense Strollers (SOS) will...
Eating delicious regional food in tapas...