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Posted by portugalpress on October 03, 2018

‘Make a Bid...Make a Difference’ is the name of a Facebook page which has been holding online auctions for the last three years in a bid to raise money for animal rescue efforts.

The page is run by Wendy Frost and Lynn Collins-Baldock, two British expats with “a passion for animal rescues”.

It was created after they became aware of “how desperate the situation is in the Algarve regarding animal care” and “how many people are rescuing abandoned and abused animals and finding themselves unable to pay vet bills”.

In late 2015, Wendy had “a glimmer of an idea” to start holding online auctions as a fun way of raising funds to support the various animal rescue individuals and organisations across the Algarve.

Wendy was soon joined by Lynn and the page was created, quickly gaining widespread popularity. In the early days, Wendy and Lynn would auction off their own possessions but now donations are offered from all over.

Charities and individuals that have been awarded a share of the funds have been “so grateful” that it spurred the duo to run auctions about four times a year or when an “emergency situation comes up”.

They have also hosted auctions for specific charities who want to raise money and they supply their own items.

The pair believes “sterilisation is key” and always tries to help keep the local cat and dog populations in check.

They have also helped the Bombeiros (firefighters) by holding a special auction just for them.

When it became obvious that an emergency auction was needed to help with the treatment and aftercare of the animals injured or displaced by the recent horrific fires in Monchique, they were joined by Sharon Ogden and together worked tirelessly to manage the auction which was a “huge success”.

To date, the ‘Make A Bid... Make A Difference’ auction site has 1,700 members and the plan is to keep attracting new members every day.

Photo: Lee Jackson (centre) with former football stars Rio Ferdinand (left) and Bobby Zamora after winning a bid for a ball signed by the two players and donated by Football Escapes