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Posted by portugalpress on May 15, 2018

Only a few years ago they were all leaving Europe as it struggled through recession. Now they are all coming back: Brazilians and Portuguese emigrés who now consider Brazil to be the “country with no future”. Who affirms this is Ângelo Horto, councillor for the Portuguese communities, elected in Brazil, who told reporters he doesn’t know “where Portugal is going to put all the Brazilians” that want to come here.

“It’s incredible. They all want to come here”, he said.

An emigré living in Rio de Janeiro for the last 55 years, Horto was in Lisbon for a meeting of the permanent council of the Portuguese Communities.

He said fellow Portuguese “who can, are returning to Portugal”. Others “live in any way possible”, in some cases selling their businesses and moving areas of residence.

Among the Brazilian community, “those that have a pension with which they can live in Portugal, or who have the ability to obtain a so-called Golden Visa are coming here”.

“Everyone who imagined they could become presidents are in jail. It is all very sad. Today, to be a candidate you have to be ‘clean’, and I can’t see anyone (who is)”, he added.

The meeting served to highlight the “very bad” Portuguese consular services in Brazil, where people “cannot make appointments” or get Portuguese nationality. “The consulate’s own site recommends that people go to conservatories here, in Portugal”.

But when they do, they find applications from Brazil (as well as those from Venezuela and Argentina) “cannot be dealt with”.

Thus the picture is of hoards of Brazilians descending once again on this little country, hoping somehow to regularise their status at some point in the distant future.