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Posted by portugalpress on March 08, 2016

Drivers entering the Algarve via the Guadiana Bridge do not have to pay tolls on the A22 motorway as long as they use one of its two first exits (Castro Marim/VRSA or Altura/Monte Gordo) – but not everyone knows this.

In a bid to inform drivers, VRSA and Castro Marim councils have taken the law into their own hands and sited a billboard at the Algarve side of the bridge.

The councils claim many drivers are “fooled into paying” unnecessary tolls due to gantries that have been set up on a free section of the highway.

“The billboard is a fair demand from our councils which was never accepted by the concession company (Algarve Litoral), which is why we decided to do something on our own,” explained VRSA mayor Luís Gomes.

As he pointed out, Spanish tourists are “essential” to the Eastern Algarve.

“The cross-border relations between both countries are very important for the social, cultural and economic state of the three lower Guadiana municipalities. Since the tolls were placed on the motorway, some difficulties appeared which we hope to attenuate,” he added.

The initiative comes just weeks before Easter when several thousands of Spanish tourists are expected to flock to the Algarve for their holidays.

The next plan is to start promoting the information in Andalusia.



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