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Posted by portugalpress on July 12, 2017

Algarve resident and long-time radio ham (amateur radio operator) Colin Wilson is trying to raise money for the ISN sea rescue institute and other maritime authorities as a token of appreciation for allowing him and his team to take part in the ‘Islands on the Air’ competition on Culatra island.

The concept of the competition, which is taking place on the weekend of July 29-30, is simple.

Radio hams from all over the world set up temporary radio stations on islands. For 24 hours, they try to make non-stop contact with other radio hams taking part in the event.

“At the end of the competition, the person or team that has the most points (for contacting as many other radio hams as possible) wins the contest,” Wilson told us.

He has made the top 5 in previous years but is confident that he and his team have what it takes to win this year.

Colin will have members flying in from England and Northern Island, as well as a Russian who lives in Porto.

“So it’ll be an international team, you might say.”

The 63-year-old Briton says the point of the contest is to “have fun, enhance our operating skills and test state-of-the-art equipment”.

But Colin is hoping businesses and associations will help raise money to donate to the many maritime authorities that allow him and his team to operate from Culatra every year, especially the ISN which is responsible for saving lives.

“It would be great to give something back,” said the man who in 2015 helped Nepal’s rescue efforts following a devastating earthquake (click here).

But as much as the competition is about taking part and raising money, Colin and his team still want to win.

“The team’s aim is to be first in the world and put Portugal on the map, as anyone with this hobby will know that this is a very serious contest with thousands of people taking part.”

Colin Wilson: +351 912884618 | +351 282332146