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Posted by portugalpress on August 27, 2018

An initiative entitled ‘Sunset com Vinhos do Algarve’ saw a selection of locally produced wines being promoted at Algarve beaches this summer all the way from Praia da Luz in the west to Praia de Monte Gordo in the east.

The initiative took place from August 1 to August 15 and was described as an “original, laid-back and very refreshing” promotional campaign that featured over 1,500 free tastings.

“It was worth it as we were able to take the Algarve Wines brand to an audience of people, both from Portugal and abroad, who did not know the wines or their variety,” said Andreia Ferreira from Algarve Views, which helped organise the initiative.

However, there is still “some room for improvement”.

“We had small problems that we fixed, like keeping the wine cold even in the sun. Some of the things we would like to improve are hard due to excessive bureaucracy,” she added.

Carlos Garcias, president of the Algarve wine commission (CVA), also praised the initiative and stressed the fact that the Algarve vineyards have not suffered serious consequences despite the heat wave that hit the region at the start of August.

In fact, he said that an increase in Algarve wine production is expected.