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Posted by portugalpress on September 06, 2018

It’s just a hunch, but police in Spain are keeping all options open since triple murderer Fernando Iglesias Espiño failed to return to jail after a three-day furlough.

The former Galician taxi driver who slaughtered his family in a drunken rage was nearing the end of his 25-year jail term.

Imprisoned for a total of 54 years (though the maximum to serve could only be 25) he has just three years to go.

His trial in 1996 was something of a national sensation because of the horrific way in which he despatched his family with a pick axe and Stanley cutter and then sat down on the couch to continue drinking rum.

But since then he has been something of a model prisoner, accruing various permissions for weekend leave.

In fact, it could be that he has become ill, say sources, and that this has prevented his return to the Pereira do Aguiar open prison in Ourense.

Espiño is 63 years old, 1.75 cm talls, bald and wears glasses.

The reason for believing that he could have made it to Portugal is that the border is just over an hour’s drive away, and ‘wanted’ posters being distributed locally will be in short supply.