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Posted by portugalpress on March 12, 2018

The hunt is on over social media for the driver of a white Renault Clio seen beating a young German Shepherd-type dog with a shovel in Sargaçal, near Lagos, last Saturday.

The dog can move his head, and is very gentle with rescuers, but he cannot move his body at all (see update below).

The hope is that this is a passing trauma, though the animal’s prognosis remains reserved.

What is certain however is that the injuries were inflicted quite purposefully by a man said to be in his late 30s/ early 40s, who ‘escaped’ from outraged witnesses in a white Renualt Clio, with the last two numbers of its registration plate either ‘58’ or ‘56’.

An absolutely heartbreaking video in which rescuers doing the filming can be heard sobbing has been uploaded onto Facebook showing the animal being given water and stroked as he gently licks the hands of the people who came to his aid.

Needless to say, the clip has ‘gone viral’ - but rescuers are still no closer to discovering the identity of the animal’s attacker.

Any information should be conveyed either to animal protection association Cadela Carlota & Companhia, or direct to GNR police in Lagos.

Late yesterday, Cadela Carlota’s Facebook page reported that the dog was showing “some signs of improvement".

He now moves his head well, and eats well - but he still does not appear able to move the rest of his body.

“We have to wait and see”, concludes the post. “Prognosis remains reserved”.

The attack took place in an area with pine trees just outside the village.


Slowly the dog is responding to rest and treatment. He tries to get up but "has no balance" says the latest bulletin, posted on Cadela Carlota & Companhia's Facebook page, concluding with:
"He is better than when he arrived at the vet clinic, but we will have to wait a few more days to see how the situation evolves. Remains hospitalised".