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Posted by portugalpress on August 19, 2015

A new art gallery named ‘Art Center’ is to open tomorrow (August 21) on the ground floor of the P5 car park in Albufeira under the auspices of art specialist Rolf Osang, founder of Lagoa’s Arte Algarve gallery.

The idea was proposed by Albufeira mayor Carlos Silva e Sousa after he saw an RTP report that featured an interview with Osang.

“He liked what I said about the state of art in the Algarve, and invited me to run an art gallery in his town,” Osang told the Resident.

Feeling that his daughter Julia Barg could easily take over at Arte Algarve, Osang decided to embark on a “new adventure”.

“I’ve been publishing some successful books in Germany and this smaller gallery will give me more time to continue pursuing my writing career,” said the 65-year-old.

The gallery is over 300sqm large and located in a “fantastic shop that has never been used in the town’s P5 parking lot”.

“It basically means hardly any investment was needed from either part,” Osang said.

The German art buff says he will be displaying all sorts of work at Art Center, including many artists who he has been working with for years including Vera Christians and Elsa Zorkow.

Hopes are that the tourist hotspot may also become known for its offer of art.

“I know that many people visiting Albufeira don’t come here for art, but I think that locals living nearby will be very interested to visit us as we will be selling plenty of artworks that are reasonably cheap,” said Osang, who has been living in the Algarve for 15 years.

“In fact, I have already heard from Polish, Russian and other buyers who are interested in the gallery’s artworks,” he added.

The gallery, which will be opening on Friday at 6pm, will be run Monday through Saturday from 6pm to 11 pm.

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Still no news of stolen artwork
There is still no sign of the “€12,000-worth of artwork” that was stolen from Arte Algarve in Lagoa during the early hours of the morning of July 13.

Julia Borg, now in charge of the art gallery, told the Resident that the gallery still hasn’t heard back from police.

“Our insurance company has conducted its own investigation, but we’re still no closer to finding the artwork,” she said.

A total of 11 paintings and photographs were stolen from Arte Algarve last month, all of which were “small and easy to carry”.

The paintings were by Welsh artist Laurence Kitchen and Spanish painter José Luís Cerra-Wollstein while the photographs belonged to Algarve-based photographer Alexandre Manuel.

At the time, spokesperson Duarte Ritto told us the thief, or thieves, seemed to know exactly where to go to steal the artworks, having entered the gallery through the winery – where there is no alarm system.