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Posted by portugalpress on July 22, 2018

It has taken 10 long years, but Robert Murat - the first arguido in the ‘botched’ investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - has finally won damages through the Portuguese courts for being labelled a pedophile on national television.

TVI was condemned to pay a total of €20,000 euros by a lower court, but appealed all the way to the Supreme which has now confirmed that €20,000 was “fairly fixed and proportionate to compensate” Murat for the the considerable damage caused to both him and members of his family.

Posted by portugalpress on July 20, 2018

Startup Portimão, the ‘business incubator’ created to help budding businesses flourish, will be celebrating its first anniversary on Friday, August 10 by opening its doors to everyone from 3pm. The Open Day is an opportunity to learn more about the project.

Sixteen startup companies are set up at the business incubator, 11 of which physically and five virtually, spanning a number of sectors from computer programming and digital marketing to renewable energy and street food.

Posted by portugalpress on July 20, 2018

Portimão was the top voted municipality in Portugal in a study involving 1,000 Portuguese nationals to discover their favourite holiday and beach destination in the country.

The Western Algarve town received 18.8% of the votes for favourite holiday destination, ahead of Faro (15.7%), Ponta Delgada (9.3%), Funchal (6.4%) and Loulé (4.4%).

As a beach destination, Portimão was again top of the list, receiving an even larger share of the votes (22.1%), trumping Faro, Figueira da Foz, Setúbal and Loulé.

Posted by portugalpress on July 20, 2018

After all the fuss and fury that it was introduced at all, Lisbon council has announced that it will be withdrawing its €1 tourist tax, as of next budget (September or October this year).

Making the story even more farcical, the municipality is said to be claiming “the tax was never really charged anyway”.

Posted by portugalpress on July 20, 2018

Coming thick and fast now in the wake of IMF laments (click here), national headlines announce that “we’ve never been in so much debt” in Portugal.

The State, families and businesses are all in a record amount of hock, last count pointing to “over €747.7 billion”.

This debt - as opposed to ‘public debt’ which is also sky high - refers to the so-called non-financial sector.

Posted by portugalpress on July 20, 2018

After the drama of US President Trump’s visit, including an attack on Theresa May’s Brexit plan, sterling had a tricky week. The prime minister amended a parliamentary bill to appease ultra-Brexiteers and still managed only a three-vote majority in the Commons. This compromise made investors uneasy once again. Bank of England governor Mark Carney's testimony to parliament's Treasury Committee was less heart-warming. Britain would face "big economic consequences" if it leaves the EU without a trade deal.

Posted by portugalpress on July 20, 2018

João Fernandes will be replacing Desidério Silva as the Algarve’s tourism boss at the Região de Turismo do Algarve (RTA) next Friday (July 27).

The voting took place on May 11 and saw Fernandes receiving 17 votes against Silva’s 11 out of a total of 31 that were up for grabs. There were also three blank votes and the Portuguese casinos association did not show up to vote.

The voting also saw Elidérico Viegas, president of the Algarve hoteliers’ association (AHETA), being elected as president of the regional tourism board’s general assembly.

Posted by portugalpress on July 20, 2018

Idanha-a-Nova’s Boom Festival gets underway this weekend with that State collaborating in a service that organisers are convinced could save lives.

The “drug control tent” is promoted by SICAD (the entity sets up to combat addictions) and backed by the Ministry of Health.

It is open to all-comers to get substances they have with them, or have purchased at the festival, tested to ensure they haven’t been adulterated.

Posted by portugalpress on July 20, 2018

There was standing room only at the “information session” held in Barão de S, João mid-week - and in the middle of the afternoon - in a bid to calm local concern over the stripping of hectares of countryside to make way for yet another massive monoculture.

Speaker Rui Fernandes was representing the latest tropical fruit and vegetable company to ‘come west’, acting as a middle man also for distributors TROPS.

What he said both alarmed and calmed, and to a certain extent he deserved something of a medal for the heckling that he received.

Posted by portugalpress on July 20, 2018

Portugal’s parliament has yet again rejected two proposals to scrap the Algarve’s A22 motorway tolls which were presented on Wednesday (July 18) by left-wing parties Bloco de Esquerda and PCP.

The proposals were voted against by PSD and PS except for the socialists’ four Algarve MPs while CDS-PP abstained. PCP, BE, PEV and PAN all voted in favour of the bids.

Bloco de Esquerda has accused PSD and PS of joining forces once again to create a “central bloc” against the Algarve and its people.


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