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Posted by portugalpress on December 15, 2017

After enjoying the after effects of an agreement on the Brexit divorce bill last week, the pound found itself on shakier ground this week. David Davis’ comments that the deal would be “Canada plus plus plus,” was immediately contradicted by the EU. Inflation was reported at 3.1%, requiring the Bank of England governor to write to the chancellor. Later in the week, parliament took back control of the Brexit process when it voted narrowly in favour of an amendment that will give it the final say in approving Downing Street's deal with the EU.

Posted by portugalpress on December 15, 2017

Sunny, cooler weather is forecast for this weekend in Portugal even though many parts of the country are still being hit hard by heavy rainfall today.

Skies are expected to be completely clear virtually across the whole country tomorrow, with maximum temperatures set to reach 17ºC in Faro, 14ºC in Lisbon and 13ºC in Porto while minimums will drop to 6ºC, 8ºC and 4ºC, respectively.

Northern, inland districts like Guarda, Bragança and Vila Real are even expected to see minimums drop to below zero.

Visit for more forecasts.

Posted by portugalpress on December 15, 2017

Algarve hotels are expecting more guests for this New Year’s weekend than last year. So says Elidérico Viegas, president of the Algarve’s largest hotelier association AHETA.

He told Lusa news agency that the positive forecast is due mainly to Portuguese holidaymakers.

“The improvement of Portuguese people’s living conditions, with a larger ability to spend a bit more than in recent years, could lead to an increase in demand in the region,” Viegas said.

Posted by portugalpress on December 15, 2017

The “terrible accident” that saw a school bus cut in two by an advancing train in France yesterday claimed the life of an 11-year-old Portuguese boy.

Five children were killed in the horror which is still being investigated.

Eighteen other people (14 of them children) are believed to have been injured, some of them very seriously.

It is not immediately clear why the school bus came to be in the path of the oncoming train outside Perpignan, in the south of the country.

Posted by portugalpress on December 15, 2017

A scathing attack on the “family tree” that is Portugal’s Socialist government has gone ‘viral’.

Written by controversial former Bloco de Esquerda MP Joana Amaral Dias, she quizzes: “Nepotism? Noooo, people, it’s just Christmas!”

But for anyone looking in on the makeup of Portugal’s powerbase, Amaral Dias accepts it is a tad confusing.

Posted by portugalpress on December 15, 2017

Bank regulator the Bank of Portugal got one-in-the-eye yesterday as a court ruled its case against former BES ‘boss-of-all-this’ Ricardo Salgado was flawed.

Santarém’s competitions court has thrown out a previous condemnation that saw Salgado and one of his cohorts (Amilcar Morais) fined handsomely - although they may not have paid anything yet as the appeals procedure can put a freeze on convictions (very much depending on who has been convicted).

BdP is described as very likely to appeal, but the case meantime has been declared “null and void”.

Posted by portugalpress on December 15, 2017

Portugal’s movie theatres are on a roll. Around 13.8 million movie-goers have been registered at movie theatres this year, a 3.4% increase compared to last year.

After facing some very difficult times during the country’s economic crisis, ticket sales have been growing every year since 2015.

And the data doesn’t even include ticket sales for December or the box-office hit that “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” promises to be.

Revenue from ticket sales is also up 4.4%, having totalled €72 million between January and November.

Posted by portugalpress on December 15, 2017

Ryanair’s pledge to “face down” any distruption caused by the looming pilots strike next Wednesday has turned turtle today with the low-cost airline’s announcement that, for the first time, it is prepared to negotiate with unions.

The news has prompted all kinds of tongue-in-cheek headlines.

Did Ryanair’s controversial boss Michael O´Leary get “Christmas carolled” asks the Irish Examiner.

Posted by portugalpress on December 15, 2017

PSP police in Faro have debunked a hoax warning on Facebook about an armed gang of foreigners who were allegedly attacking people and had already killed a young man in the downtown area of Faro.

The fake warning had already been shared by hundreds of people.

“Do not walk alone in downtown Faro and other nearby areas. Avoid the area as much as you can in the coming nights. There is a group of foreigners with guns, with no mercy for anything or anyone. Last week a young man was the target and unfortunately he did not survive,” said the hoax text.

Posted by portugalpress on December 15, 2017

Recovering from the heart transplant surgery that only went ahead last week, Portugal’s Eurovision ‘hero’ Salvador Sobral has today launched a new disc in perfect time for Christmas.

“Excuse Me Ao Vivo” brings together nine songs recorded live in more than 30 concerts that the 27-year-old gave earlier this year before being advised to stop in the interests of his failing health.

The musicians and sound technician who accompanied him have described how even when the young musical supremo seemed “a bit down”, he transformed the minute he went on stage.


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