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Posted by portugalpress on March 23, 2017

Just a few weeks ago, when travelling long haul on BA in business class, I was praising the airline for what I consider to be a marked improvement in the quality of the food and wine served onboard.

Posted by portugalpress on March 23, 2017

The provenance of the meat we buy is not something easy to control here in Portugal, especially when it comes to lamb. The most reliable source I have found is the small butcher and German sausage shop belonging to Vila Vita Parc, which is located in Porches, next to the Biergarten restaurant, just off the EN125.

Posted by portugalpress on March 23, 2017

My visit to London last weekend coincided unexpectedly with the opening day of IFE – The International Food and Drink Event at London Excel. So instead of writing my usual weekly wine column, I decided to pay a visit to the show and see what I could find new in the world of beverages.

This is a trade show, intended for professionals from all areas of the consumer catering industry. It is huge, taking up two halls of the London Excel centre with hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world.

Posted by portugalpress on March 23, 2017

Dear Editor,

What is going on? I thought that the gentleman known as “demolition man” had been removed and the board into islands altered with local representation now, and a change of government had ministers wanting to listen. Or is it like the Sea Minister, say one thing and be caught acting the opposite way?

So why has “demolition man” surfaced in a new role? What and who is behind it?

Posted by portugalpress on March 23, 2017

With the British Prime Minister Teresa May receiving royal assent to trigger Article 50 last week and formal notification to Brussels of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union by the end of March, there are still unanswered questions for the 30,000 British nationals living and working in Portugal.

How will pensions be affected? What will be the impact on rules governing capital gains tax? Would further education tuition fees increase? Will British importers be clobbered by import tariffs? Will British residents still be welcome in Portugal?

Posted by portugalpress on March 23, 2017

It’s the hottest issue in the Algarve today – overriding anger about motorway tolls, the destruction of fishing communities on Ria Formosa and the threat of feldspar mining in Monchique. But for some inexplicable reason, powermakers in Lisbon are lying about it.

From the Minister of the Sea to the President of the Republic, the last week has seen lies and obfuscation over the small print of gas and oil contracts in force up and down the country reach ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ levels of lunacy.

Posted by portugalpress on March 23, 2017

With the nation focusing on immediate banking woes - like the frightening level of debt emerging from Montepio and CGD’s bid to ‘rise up’ from despond - a much more insidious financial story has started to bubble to the surface.

It began on Wednesday, with stories of “a group of major international investors who lost money with BES advising that now is the time for a deal”.

The tone was interpreted in some quarters as these investors “threatening Portugal”.

Posted by portugalpress on March 23, 2017

Twenty-six-year-old Francisco Lopes was one of the many nationalities caught up in yesterday’s terrorist attack outside London’s Houses of Parliament.

He was crossing the road to catch the Tube as the ‘lone wolf’ killer started mowing pedestrians down in his 4x4 Hyundai.

Lopes “suffered profound cuts to one leg and one hand” after rolling off the car’s bonnet and being felled to the ground. But he escaped the ordeal without breaking any bones.

Posted by portugalpress on March 22, 2017

Ideias do Levante, the Lagoa cultural association, is presenting a Harp Concert by Helena Madeira on Sunday, April 9 in the chapel of the Convento de São José in Lagoa at 5pm.

"The harpist and her voice will transport the audience in a singular musical journey," say organisers.

Tickets, costing €7, can be purchased at the ticket office in the Convento (282 380 434).

Posted by portugalpress on March 22, 2017

Sand sculptors started building the new SandCity in Pêra this week using 40,000 tonnes of sand. Doors to the international sand sculpture festival, known simply as Fiesa, open to the public on April 1.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Fiesa is this time trying the new concept of "sand city" and there will be an exhibition of sculptures to celebrate the Seven Arts.


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