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Posted by portugalpress on February 20, 2017

It is called ‘Video Lucem’ and it is a “pioneering initiative in Portugal” bringing the screening of movies to Algarve churches.

The scheme was launched in November as part of the ‘365 Algarve’ programme.

The next film to be screened will be Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi classic ‘2001: Space Odyssey’ this Thursday (February 23) at Loulé’s Igreja Matriz de São Clemente.

A day later (February 24), the 1956 Japanese feature film ‘Burmanese Harp’ feature film will be shown at Loulé’s Igreja de São Francisco.

Posted by portugalpress on February 20, 2017

A new 100% Portuguese ‘competitor to Multibanco’ promises to revolutionise the way we deal with our money, starting as early as this summer.

Abypay - run by Easypay - involves, in the first stage, a smartphone app and “around 50 ATM machines”.

By December, the service will have expanded to at least five more countries.

Said Easypay’s president Sebastião de Lancastre: “We have developed a unique, revolutionary solution that will allow for instant money transfers to anywhere in the world, in any currency, in seconds and with costs of just a few cêntimos”.

Posted by portugalpress on February 20, 2017

Around 40 job vacancies have been announced by marine theme park, Zoomarine.

The Guia-based tourist attraction, which reopens on March 28, is hiring “fair-ride operators, a sound technician, shopkeepers, bird coach assistants, cleaners, a receptionist, camera operators and waiters”.

To find out more at

Posted by portugalpress on February 20, 2017

Dozens of jobs are waiting for candidates at Vilamoura’s Anantara hotel, previously known as Tivoli Victoria.

The hotel is looking for new staff, including waiters, barmen, cooks, receptionists and a social media PR representative.

CVs should be emailed to:

Posted by portugalpress on February 20, 2017

‘Lagos Carnival Cup’ is the name of a table hockey tournament taking place this Sunday (February 26) at Lagos’ Mercado do Levante.

It is being organised to “show people what table hockey is” and is open to anyone who wants to try the “fast-growing sport”.

“It is similar to Foosball, but the tactics and skills required are much more advanced,” Swede Micael Myrén, one of the event organisers, told the Resident.

“It is easier to see what the sport is about if you come and watch,” he said.

Posted by portugalpress on February 20, 2017

In another heroic bid to ensure public opinion is taken on board, ASMAA - the campaigning Algarve civic group fighting plans to turn the coastline into a drilling field - today lodged a 126-page legal bid at the Attorney General’s office, demanding an immediate block on any activity in the Alentejo basin.

The 500-paragraph challenge essentially maintains that the various concessions show “inumerous illegalities” in the way they have been awarded - starting first with the Galp/ ENI Santola field, due to begin drilling within weeks.

Posted by portugalpress on February 20, 2017

In what has become the most tortuous sale of a bank that is apparently worth nothing, regulators today have confirmed that “exclusive negotiations” are now going ahead with American equity firm Lone Star.

This is not really ‘news’, in that the choice of Lone Star was more or less confirmed over a month ago, as the “least bad option” (click here).

Posted by portugalpress on February 20, 2017

PJ police have arrested a 69-year-old man who was caught in the act of “watching child pornography” in his home in Portimão last week.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã explains that one of the sites the pensioner used to download the illegal videos and images was being monitored by international authorities.

PJ police were warned and arrived on the man’s doorstep to a search the house, where they were able to confirm that he was “accessing child pornography websites”.

Posted by portugalpress on February 20, 2017

“It is inadmissible that in the 21st century the GNR is having to cope with these kind of situations”.

So says union boss José Alho in a story this week on the horrendous working conditions suffered by the presidential guard: a body of ten men whose “health and wallets” are compromised daily as a result of the abysmal conditions at their base at Calçada de Ajuda, in Lisbon.

“Mould, and water streaming from the ceiling, walls and floor, bunks above an armaments store, bathrooms and lavatories with no ventilation and only accessible through sleeping quarters”.

Posted by portugalpress on February 20, 2017

The funeral of a much-loved grandmother in Lagoa took an unhappy turn last week when relatives went to pay their last respects only to discover they didn’t recognise their loved one at all.

The body in the coffin they were laying to rest was much too thin, and appeared to have no teeth.

“When I saw the body in the church I said straight away, ‘that woman was not my grandmother’ because she was a heavy woman, and the woman I was looking at was much thinner than I am”, a shocked Carla Soares told Correio da Manhã.


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