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Posted by portugalpress on May 10, 2018

It’s not just Israelis and Croats that are upset, Portugal’s attitude in its role as host country for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has left large numbers of Brits fuming.

So says the Daily Express, which cites an “offensive” sketch seen as “mocking” naturalist David Attenborough “on his 92nd birthday”.

For the Portuguese, the skit was just another tongue-in-cheek bit of nonsense from legendary comedian Herman José.

But for Brits, it was “shocking”, even “sacrilege”, and as José’s popularity has remained within national borders, very few people even recognised him.

For the Express, he was simply “a sub-par Attenborough impersonator”.

One of the scores of people who expressed their horror was a commentator who quipped: “Who the f*** is this loser taking the p*** out of national treasure David Attenborough? Not even remotely funny…”

José’s plan had been to present ‘Planet Portugal’ (a play on Attenborough’s award winning series Planet Earth), but his rendition of the natural history star apparently sounded more like Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

“Awful representation”, railed viewers. “Oh God, it is so cringey…” came the lament.

Did Herman José realise he was performing the skit on much-loved Attenborough’s 92nd birthday? Very possibly not. Does he care about the brouhaha his performance has unleashed? The veteran of slapstick has retorted over Facebook: “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about…”

Elsewhere, papers have been reporting on fans’ fury over comments by Salvador Sobral - Portugal’s first ever Eurovision winner - who told reporters that “luckily” this year he has not had to hear many of the competing songs.

"I only know the Portuguese song and Israel, because YouTube forced me to see it", he said. "YouTube thought I would like the Israeli song, and then I opened it and a horrible song came out of it" (click here).

Talking of Youtube, Herman José's skit Part I is already uploaded and judging by viewer commentary, people in Portugal absolutely love it.


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