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Posted by portugalpress on October 12, 2018

A furious businessman claims his wallet - placed in an apparently secure locker during a visit to Paços de Ferreira jail last weekend - was stolen pretty much in front of a GNR guard on duty.

Vítor Soares has presented an official complaint to the GNR, saying that aside from the cash he is missing (495 euros), the wallet contained three cheques to the value of 1,800 euros, credit and debit cards and identification documents.

“They told me that I couldn’t take anything in (to the jail) with me and gave me a key to put everything in a locker”, he told tabloid Correio da Manhã.

“I even showed them the 95 euros I had in my pockets and asked if I could take those in with me. I couldn’t…

“When I went back to the locker, it hadn’t been broken into. But the wallet had gone.

“I called the GNR and asked them to speak with the guard who had given me the key. He had already left, but his colleagues telephoned him, and he said: “Actually, I saw a man with a wallet…

“Does that mean he saw all this and did nothing?”

The general directorate of prison services is reported to be ‘holding an internal inquiry”.

“We have every interest to get to the truth”, a source told reporters.

Soares is described as a businessman “in the field of suckling pigs”.

His visit to Paços de Ferreira jail was to see the brother of a client, explains CM.