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Posted by portugal_press on September 23, 2014
Carvoeiro boardwalk opens with open-air auditorium in pipeline

Leisure || Carvoeiro’s new 570-metre boardwalk between Algar Seco and the Nossa Senhora da Encarnação fort officially opened on Friday (September 19). But there’s still a lot more in the pipeline for the little town.

According to the council, it is planning an open-air auditorium near Nossa Senhora da Encarnação chapel (as previously reported by the Resident in August) – similar to the one in Estômbar’s Sítio das Fontes.

The plan will cost €110,000, but a start-date has yet to be confirmed.

Other ideas for the relocation of a playground near the chapel to an area near the local school, the transformation of the old ‘Guarda Fiscal’ building into an observatory for tourists and maybe even another walkway are also on the table.

This was all announced during the inauguration of the new walkway, attended by the president and vice-president of Portugal’s Environmental Agency (APA), the head of APA Algarve and the Algarve’s water authority Sebastião Teixeira, and local dignitaries.

Although all were reported to be thrilled with the opening of the walkway – financed to the tune of €212,000 by the Polis Litoral programme – further improvements are on the cards.

For example, the walkway still lacks lighting. This, along with the other projects in the pipeline, will have to be paid for by the council, unless it can find alternative kind of funding.

While moneymen try to figure out if the plans qualify for funding, the council is also thinking of creating a second wooden walkway between Algar Seco and Vale Covo.

Mayor Francisco Martins revealed it is also planning a new coastal walk, between Ponta do Altar and Vale Lapa, to add to the already existing trail that runs between Marinha and Vale Centeanes beaches.