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Posted by portugalpress on October 01, 2018

In a bid to promote what it calls its “white gold”, or salt, Castro Marim council has applied for EU funding.

The municipality has presented a number of bids for Community support through the PO CRESC ALGARVE 2020 and MAR 2020 programmes to ensure its salt and special Flor de Sal variety gain some well-deserved recognition.

The goal is to help fund a number of projects the council is developing, one of which involves putting Castro Marim salt on the tables of dozens of restaurants in Portugal and abroad.

Other goals are to launch a salt fair, which would take place in the summer, a “gastronomic route” and even carry out international roadshows to spread the word about this flavour enhancer.

In a statement, deputy mayor Filomena Sintra said these initiatives help to “highlight the global qualities of traditional products”.

Meantime, one of the council’s bids has already led to the creation of a documentary entitled ‘Os Dias do Sal’ (The Days of Salt) which debuted this summer and provides a look into the lives of those linked to the production of salt in the borough.

Castro Marim is also home to ‘Casa do Sal’, a small museum-like building that serves to promote the local salt industry.

Local authorities are also preparing a bid for Castro Marim salt to receive the classification of Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) and are also putting their efforts into obtaining certificates proving the biological nature of the salt.

The council says it is also trying to set up funds to help small-sized businesses in the sector.