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Dear Editor

I still cannot get over the fact that the Portuguese government was allowed to vote against a body that supervises their spending.

Instead of protesting against...

Dear Editor,
I have sent the email below to the Prime Minister:

Exmº Sr. Primeiro Ministro,
Your Government (both Coalition Parties) have voted solidly against the petition...

Dear Editor
The real issue behind the problems facing Olhão shellfishermen centres on corruption. Corruption covers everything in Portugal. It is behind every problem. In Ria Formosa...

Dear Editor,

I would like to suggest the formation of a United States or United Kingdom of Iberia. Portugal has a huge administrative apparatus for just 10 million people. It is...

Dear Editor,

Following my recent surgery, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at the wonderful IPO Hospital in Lisbon.

The kindness, devotion and care I was...

Dear Editor,

I am writing regarding an experience I had with the Portuguese NHS following reports seen which criticised the Portuguese health service.

Whilst on holiday at Albufeira...

Re: Margaret Brown reminisces

Dear Editor

I was fascinated to read Margaret Brown’s account (last week) of her time in the WAAF during World War Two for two reasons. Firstly, my mother was born near Chester, and as a...

Dear Algarve Resident readers,

Could you help me provide a Christmas shoebox filled with surprises for each of the 36 children from the Bom Samaritano Children’s Home in Alvor?


Dear Editor,

Those who missed seeing the Alan Ayckbourn play in Lagoa (November 21 to 23) missed a very special performance.

Well written, acted, directed – a real professional...


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