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Parasite lost?

Sue Parker learns a lesson from a Limodore

On September 27 this year a United Nations specialist panel published its report into the causes of Climate Change, concluding that ‘it is 95%...

Venous thromboembolism and air travel

Venous thrombosis is an accumulation of clot in the vein system (deep or superficial), normally in the legs, that in certain instances may dislodge to the lungs giving rise to a pulmonary embolism...

Introducing Ceratonia, the Algarve’s new centre for herbal medicine

It’s a brave new project that promises to keep centuries’ old herbal knowledge alive, and inspire people at the same time. And it comes less than three years after Europe was rocked by news that...

In a world where bad cars are now actually average, where does a Focus SW sit? Is it just one more car or does it stand out among its peers? We find out.

People say there are no more bad...

Quinta do Valado

Quinta do Vallado

Hidden on the Corgo hillside is one of the best wine hotels in Portugal. In vino veritas

Text Ana Tavares

There are many...

Close to nature, close to heart

Areias do Seixo – a charming hotel in a dream location

Text Ana Tavares

Marta Fonseca and Gonçalo Alves always use the word “passion” when...

Fortress of fine dining

Europe’s most westerly hotel, Fortaleza do Guincho is a gourmet retreat ideal for autumn and winter breaks

Text Patrick Stuart
Photos Paulo Barata...

Vine Inspiration

Text: Patrick Stuart

Surrounded by vineyards and producing some great wines, Herdade da Malhadinha Nova offers a complete Alentejo experience

We have long...

At one with Nature: Trouble without Lichen

Nearly 70 years ago, when John Wyndham was writing perhaps his most obscure sci-fi novel, he penned these words: “In a century or so, we shall be in the Age of Famines. We shall manage to postpone...


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