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Milk lamb

Here in Portugal, lamb, kid and even better, baby milk lamb are almost as essential to the Easter table as turkey is to the Christmas table elsewhere.

This week, whole (or half) kids and...

Tandoori style quails

Good Indian tandoori food is a delight, the quick sealing and cooking of spiced and marinated meat in the tandoor oven is possibly the best way to cook lean meats like chicken, rabbit and, in this...

A sexy king prawn dish

If you're staying in for Valentine’s and plan on wooing your loved one at home, cooking something special is a good start. I'm not talking about aphrodisiac foods here, but something that not only...

The oranges at the moment, here in the Algarve, are at their absolute peak of excellence – sweet, juicy and cheap, they are a true gastronomic treat.

The winter harvest is the biggest and...

An affordable local delicacy

These local prawns caught off the Algarve coast are surprisingly difficult to find. Apart from specialised seafood restaurants, such as O Rui in Silves, I have...

Sticky toffee pudding

Talk about going out in style. This was my last pudding before starting a New Year health regime and not being much use myself when it comes to baking, or puddings in general for that matter, I...

Cheap and very cheerful lamb belly

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Jamie Oliver on the box or it could be the need to recover financially after the onslaught of Christmas. But as Jamie keeps reminding us, we don’t need to spend a...


Serves 4

4-6 cloves garlic
200grs onion
2 cutlets bacalhau of around 100grs each
100grs potatoes
2 soup spoons all purpose flour
3 eggs...

A cheap and delicious alternative to shop-bought smoked salmon or gravlax for the Christmas table

Smoked salmon or gravlax at the supermarket is far from cheap but is something many of us...


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