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Posted by portugalpress on April 20, 2017

Anti-toll group CUVI has guaranteed that no matter how many obstacles it faces or how many times it hears the word “no”, it will continue fighting unrelentingly for a free motorway in the Algarve.

This was the main point members of the group tried to get across on Monday (April 17) during another go-slow protest on the EN125 that started in Quatro Estradas, Loulé and ended in Lagoa.

The convoy was accompanied during its 40-kilometre demonstration by GNR police and disrupted the flow of traffic for around two and a half hours.

“This protest is proof that the fight against tolls will continue until the government decides to stop charging on the A22,” CUVI leader João Vasconcelos told Lusa news agency.

For years, protestors have defended that the EN125 cannot be considered an alternative to the A22 as it is “recognised as one of the most dangerous roads in Portugal”.

Thus this latest go-slow protest was a way of “telling the government that we’ve had enough of tragedies on the EN125”.

CUVI is also trying to organise meetings with the Prime Minister and President in last-ditch attempts to scrap the A22 tolls before the summer.

Other planned actions include carrying out studies into the tolls’ “dubious PPP contract” and the “negative consequences” they have had since they were imposed in 2011; creating a “regional manifesto” opposing the levies and holding protests when the PM and other government officials visit the Algarve this summer.