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Posted by portugalpress on June 13, 2017

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Penguin apply smart technology with the latest low-energy heating and cooling systems to help maintain an optimal home climate at minimal running costs.

Established since 2008, the company installs energy-saving systems suited to your home and lifestyle. For properties under construction or renovation, Penguin works with architects, engineers and builders to design and install fully-integrated systems, with energy-efficiency the guiding principle.

The latest air-con systems can be controlled via iPhone, iPad or PC for maximum convenience and efficiency. Heat pumps can be similarly controlled: conventionally used for pools, their high-efficiency today makes them ideal as a low-cost way to heat water for radiator, fan-coil or underfloor systems.

Being able to control such systems via smart device is ideal for absent homeowners who wish to prepare a property for their return. For example, a heat pump can be activated before arrival to get underfloor heating or a pool up to temperature. Air-con systems can also warm or cool in advance, or be switched to dehumidify mode during damp periods in winter.

But there’s no need for smart control when it comes to solar systems. Whether thermal solar for free domestic hot water, or photovoltaic (PV) to generate electricity, these reliable systems can be left to function by themselves in Algarve’s year-round sunshine (although PV output can be monitored by smart device).

Penguin are experts in the application and installation of all such systems, focusing their services towards expat residents and second-home owners who seek low-energy solutions to high-comfort demands. So be smart – think Penguin!

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