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Posted by portugalpress on August 10, 2018

A British family is smarting from a nightmare flight from Faro it was forced to endure because the wife of footballer Wayne Rooney needed space.

Father Mark Cassin dubbed the incident “despicable” suggesting it shows he and his family were treated differently because they were not celebrities.

The Cassins paid an extra €60 to secure their seats, thus the enforced move communicated to them at check-in was particularly distressing.

Then came the ‘cherry on the cake’ of disappointment: the whole group was seated “right in front of the toilets”.

Explains Mark, the reason they had paid extra for their seats was because in the past they “had been unfortunate enough to be placed right next to the toilet positions on flights”.

Furious, the Cassins then had to cope with the “stench” of their block-location which meant they “did not partake in any food”.

Staff were seen to spray the area “intermittently” with air freshener as the family seethed.

In his complaint to Jet2 on arrival back in UK, Cassin said: “I find it truly appalling that just because someone has a modicum of celebrity that your company finds it acceptable to forcibly evict/move other paying passengers to facilitate their whims”.

The reality is however is that Coleen Rooney did not instigate this row in any way shape or form.

She may not have even been aware of it.

As a mother with numerous small children, the wife of veteran Wayne could not by law have been placed in the back-row seats as children under 14 are not allowed there.

Jet2 has since apologised to Mr Cassin and a source has told the Daily Mail that it has offered “a full refund for the cost of the pre-booked seats”.

The paper has not included the Cassin family’s reaction to this offer.