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Posted by portugalpress on August 22, 2018
Bruno Fonseca was inspired by a meatball restaurant he visited in Barcelona – Photo: BRUNO FILIPE PIRES/OPEN MEDIA GROUP
Meatball with curry sauce, served with papadum
MeatBolas can be found at Largo da Pontinha, Faro

It’s called ‘MeatBola’ and is a new eatery that specialises in meatballs, made out of a variety of meats or even vegetables and served in many different sauces. It opened at the start of August at Largo da Pontinha in Faro and it is the brainchild of 40-year-old local businessman Bruno Fonseca and his wife Vânia Guerreiro.

The menu is “simple, for now”.

“We have four homemade sauces that are made throughout the day. Our own recipe is made with cognac, there is a tomato sauce that is left simmering for hours, a curry sauce that we serve with papadum, and a fresh mushroom sauce,” Fonseca told Barlavento newspaper.

Each dish includes one 150-gram meatball and is “big enough” even for the hungriest clients, who can choose from beef, pork, chicken or vegetable meatballs. Soon there could even be a tuna sushi meatball, says the owner. Dishes cost around €6.50 per person.

The long-term goal is to turn ‘MeatBola’ into a franchise by creating a “strong brand and giving people a chance to open their own restaurant”.

“Otherwise it wouldn’t be worth all this work,” said Fonseca, who has already invested around €100,000 in the project.

Bruno Fonseca is already a successful businessman known as the creator of the Faro-based fashion brand Repto, as well as for his work at the Triplesky branding agency.

He was inspired to open his own meatball restaurant after visiting Barcelona with his wife.

“I found a highly-recommended meatball house on TripAdvisor. We decided to go there. It was very small and there were queues at the door, but it was very good. So, we thought, why not try it here (in the Algarve)?”

Some of his friends thought the idea was risky, but after some thought, he finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

MeatBola is open for lunch (midday to 3pm) and dinner (7pm to 10.30pm) and closes on Sundays.