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Posted by portugalpress on May 13, 2018

A furious neighbour who used to work in the police force has gunned down a father-of-two in front of his young children, purportedly because of disagreements the pair had over the neighbour’s dog.

73-year-old Eugénio Almeida could not forgive Ricardo Marcelo for taking the issue to court, say reports.

He “had not liked sitting in the dock” and since the court date last Wednesday “had sought the best opportunity to settle the score”, writes tabloid Correio da Manhã.

That came just before lunchtime on Saturday.

According to CM, Almeida “waited at the garage door” with a loaded shotgun for his 36-year-old neighbour to appear. When he did - in the company of his daughters, aged 5 and 8 - Almeida shot Ricardo Marcelo twice.

“I heard two shots and went to the window”, a local resident told the paper. “I saw a group of pigeons flying and thought perhaps someone was out shooting. Then I saw the girls and their mother, crying and screaming. And then I saw Eugénio leaving the street, holding a shotgun. He went round the back of the houses so that I lost sight of him. Someone yelled to call the police, but then came the sound of another shot, and I immediately thought the worst”.

The worst in this case was that Almeida had killed himself - but not before apparently threatening another neighbour.

Known locally as a difficult man, Almeida possessed a number of fire-arms, albeit legally.

Ricardo Marcelo’s siblings have since complained that Almeida should never have been left in possession of his guns.

“Everyone knew he had them and that he was violent, but no-one did anything”, they told reporters.

As for the dog, very little further has been said. It apparently frightened the children and frequently urinated in front of the Marcelo family’s house in Valejas, Oeiras, on the outskirts of Lisbon.

Ricardo Marcelo is understood to have made a number of complaints about his neighbour before the issue got to court.

The court’s decision is due to be published on May 23, concludes CM.


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