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Posted by portugalpress on June 09, 2018

If she chose her words carefully, Dr Vera Ribeiro - wife of Portugal’s top goalkeeper Rui Patrício - has seen them brutally rearranged by the world’s press:

“Portuguese footballer’s wife advocates masturbation at World Cup”, shout various international headlines.

Here too: “Wife of Rui Patrício advises… masturbation”, says the people’s ‘top tabloid’.

What the popular sex therapist actually said was that “nothing positive comes from abstinence”, and that as sex is ‘against the rules’ before major games - and the team will be far from wives and girlfriends - players might be better able to cope with the championship’s stress and anxiety by resorting to ‘manual relief’.

The benefits could enhance sleep and relaxation because “levels of cortisol are more controlled”, Dr Ribeiro added.

Known as Dr Health on SIC TV, the news-savvy doctor used the Russian team as an example, as players there are being allowed to have sex with their partners during the championship.

Meantime, the Portuguese team is on its way to the training centre a short ride from Moscow where it will be housed in “supersecurity” with (almost) everything to hand that players need .

The renovated fortress has three football pitches (two grass and one synthetic), a gym and plentiful accommodation.

Say reports, Kratovo is a small place in a rural location “where it is difficult to find shops or restaurants”.

The Portuguese team will be protected by 20 Russian police with specially-trained dogs, as well as at least four PSP agents.

Training matches will be getting started tomorrow (at 9.30am), and the team’s first official game is scheduled for next Friday at 7pm against Spain in the Sochi stadium.

Wishing them all the best at a special dinner earlier this week, President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa told the team it is “already the best of the best” (referring to Portugal’s Euro 2016 title win), all players have to do is keeping being who they are.