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Posted by nelson on August 09, 2017

Público described him as one of the numerous “dinosaurs” attempting a return to council power after ‘years in the wildness’ (in this case behind bars for fiscal fraud and money-laundering) - but yesterday Oeiras’ ‘prodigal son’ Isaltino Morais discovered there may be no fatted calf, or indeed banquet of any kind.

Lisbon’s court of the west has ‘vetoed’ his candidacy to run in October’s municipal elections citing irregularities in the process of delivering signatures.

Morais now has 48 hours to “put his situation in order”, but in true style has launched an attack on the judge, suggesting he is related by marriage to an arch rival.

Morais is now appealing the judge’s decision, and making a complaint, says Público, to the superior council of magistrature which in turn has launched an inquiry into the furore.

As the paper explains, the inquiry will have to get started today and “may have to be urgent in character” bearing in mind “election calendar deadlines”.

Morais however is used to running against the clock. He waged no less than 44 appeals against a seven-year prison sentence delivered in 2009 - only finally conceding defeat and going to jail (for a much-reduced term) four years later.

In the end, the former PSD mayor turned Independent spent just 14 months behind bars, emerging considerably slimmer than when he went in and vowing that he was not considering any kind of return to politics.


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