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Posted by portugalpress on May 14, 2018

Chaotic scenes reminiscent of a rather dark “Carry On” comedy movie saw four prison guards admitted to Cascais hospital over the weekend along with two prisoners.

The shenanigans began late on Saturday afternoon with three inmates setting light to mattresses that they had piled up against the door of their cell.

Answering the men’s calls for help, two guards ended up burning their hands as they tried to push the mattresses out of the way, by which time two of the prisoners had collapsed due to smoke inhalation.

A third managed to push his way past the injured guards and make a break for it.

One of the guards then fainted (purportedly as a result of smoke inhalation).

As reinforcements arrived to help the two guards, one of the collapsed prisoners ‘came round’ and started “scratching and biting a third guard and a doctor”.

By this time, three guards required hospital treatment, along with the two prisoners, one still unconscious.

The escaped prisoner was luckily ‘detained’ during the melée, but a fourth guard was then attacked by “several prisoners” in another part of the jail after ‘apprehending’ a mobile phone he found in the possession of one of them.

Prison authorities have confirmed the chaotic events of the afternoon, all taking place in Cadeia do Linhó in Sintra.

Elsewhere, prison guards are due to strike this month due to arduous 12-hour shifts which, they claim, put prison security at risk.