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Margaret Edythe Thompson is 86 years old, lives in Newcastle upon Tyne and has just completed her 100th trip to the Algarve.

When her flight arrived at Faro Airport on Monday (October 15), Algarve tourism chief João Fernandes and Faro

Controversy has once again been whipped up over ‘decomposition issues’ at Faro’s new cemetery.

In one short stark sentence: the soil at the cemetery mummifies bodies, instead of allowing them to decompose.

As funeral director Paulo

More than 3000 people have signed a petition delivered to parliament today in a bid to get prostitution seen as a “form of exploitation that subverts the social state and rights of all women”.

The Democratic Movement of Women, the O Ninho

Images of uniformed men and women - apparently asleep on the floor - are being circulated today in a story that claims Ryanair flight crew were left high and dry after post-tropical storm Leslie saw planes diverted from landing in Portugal and

Flamboyant Portuguese football coach José Mourinho is in hot water in UK for “abusive, insulting and improper remarks” that the Football Association claim he directed at TV cameramen earlier this month.

Mourinho has until the end of the

The day after agriculture minister Capoulas Santos said it was “the responsibility of landowners” to halt the proliferation of wild eucalyptus - the seeds of which have been sent hurtling into new areas by recent wildfires - president Marcelo

Tuesday saw the nation’s nurses back on strike till the end of the week when a new mass demonstration has been scheduled outside the ministry of health.

As the government reshuffle brings a new health minister into play, this latest round

Two days since downgraded hurricane Leslie slammed into Portugal and there are still as many as 60,000 households are without power.

This affirmation comes in today’s newspapers, thus the situation could be improving by the hour.

Four years since their trial started, over eight years since the banking fraud was discovered, BPP’s former top men, principally João Rendeiro, Paulo Guichard and Salvador Fezas Vital, have all been found guilty and handed jail terms. But the

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