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Posted by portugalpress on June 14, 2018

It is being reported today as a new controversy: the decision by Germany’s parliament to “sever friendly relations with Portugal”.

But it doesn’t mean exactly what certain tabloid headlines are screeching.

It is more a cost-cutting exercise by the Bundestag which is proposing lumping Portugal and Spain together, and calling the resulting mix “friendly relations with Iberia”.

Some MPs are ‘up in arms’ over what they see as an insult to Portuguese sovereignty.

Said Socialist Sérgio Sousa Pinto, also president of the commission of foreign affairs: “There are rules in diplomacy, and they have to be complied with: we don’t accept letters in Portugal addressed to the ambassador of another country”.

Not everyone is as upset as Sousa Pinto, however, and the matter will have to wait the decision of parliamentary leader Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, who apparently has his hands full “representing the Portuguese State at the World Cup in Russia”.



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