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Posted by portugalpress on February 13, 2018

Coming in time for Valentine’s Day it may open the floodgates to lots of ‘popping questions’, but it also shows a shocking lack of equality in time-bars on divorced people getting remarried.

The ‘bottom line’ is that thanks to proposals from the PS, Bloco de Esquerda and PAN, citizens who want to remarry after a divorce or the death of a spouse will soon be able to do so without being legally required to wait.

The new law is almost certain to be approved, say reports, but unlikely to come into force before the summer.

But then today’s reality for couple’s keen to dive back into matrimony is starkly explained: right now men coming out of a divorce, or death of a spouse, have to wait 180 days before they can remarry.

Women on the other hand, have to wait 300 days - unless they present a doctor’s certificate to prove that they are not pregnant.

Up until 1996, women had to wait a full year (men in those days were restricted for six months).

BE MP Sandra Cunha describes the current law as “out of date, conservative and sexist”.


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