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Posted by portugalpress on August 08, 2017

High winds saw 75% of flights in and out of Madeira’s newly-named Cristiano Ronaldo airport cancelled this week as gusts of up to 80 km/hour made it impossible for airlines to attempt the notoriously-precarious landing.

Already well known for being one of the world’s most dangerous airports for touching down, winds started making the situation much worse over the weekend, affecting as many as 15,000 passengers.

As the problems - likely to continue for another few days - are a case of “force majeur”, passengers are not eligible for compensation.

Indeed one has told reporters he has been advised he will not get a flight off the island until August 12 (Saturday) - a situation that will see him returning to work “days late” and missing various meetings.

Youtube offers a number of clips of what amateur film-uploaders call "extreme landings and crazy go arounds" which are not advisable for anyone considering a happy holiday in Madeira (click here).


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