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Posted by portugalpress on September 03, 2014

A documentary entitled In Search of Aliens: The Hunt for Atlantis will soon be airing in Europe on the History Channel and its sister channel H2, featuring the small town of Silves’ possible connection to the island of Atlantis.

Although a date has not been announced – it is expected to air this week – the documentary can already been seen online.

The documentary includes a lengthy discussion with local author Peter Daughtrey, whose book Atlantis and the Silver City was published last year, at well-known Silves eatery Café do Inglês.

Daughtrey presents his case that Silves is the southwest Iberian area ancient Greek philosopher Plato was referring to in his famous works about Atlantis - thus solving the “2,400-year-old mystery of where Plato was referring to”.

“It matches the elaborate and exceptionally detailed description given by Plato for the ancient small Atlantis capital,” Daughtrey added.

His “exhaustive analysis” of what Plato wrote leads him to believe that most of Atlantis may now be “submerged and forming seabed in front of the Algarve’s coast”.

The author also said that he is “very grateful” his theory is being disseminated to a worldwide audience.

“Apart from stimulating interest in the Algarve, I hope that someone with suitable equipment will be inspired to mount a proper search to see if there are any remains on the seabed. Only then will we know if Plato was telling the truth or not,” he said.

If you wish to learn more about Peter Daughtrey’s theory on Atlantis, hardback, paperback and e-book versions of his book are available from Amazon.

To view the full documentary online, visit:



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