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Posted by portugalpress on June 08, 2017

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Hotel do Cão is a pet hotel nestled in the Vale da Rainha countryside on the road from Portimão to Monchique.

It opened in 2011 with just eight pens, but given its success it has expanded to 100.

The staff knows that leaving beloved pets at a hotel can be an unsettling experience, both for dogs and their owners, but at Hotel do Cão the proof is in the pudding: dogs are relaxed when their owners come to pick them up, and tails are set wagging as soon as they approach the gates for another stay.

“Some dogs enjoy staying with us so much that some owners often leave them here for a weekend as a reward, simply because they love it,” says the owner of the hotel, 48-year-old Miguel Maia Costa.

And it’s easy to see why: covering 30,000sqm, the hotel is a true haven for four-legged companions, with its two lakes, comfortable and spacious boxes (with underfloor heating and a water mist system to keep dogs cool in the scorching summer heat), and a number of outdoor grass areas, where pooches are walked or left to sunbathe for a couple of hours every day.

There is also TV ambient sound throughout, with smaller dogs being kept in wood and glass enclosures, which replicate house windows.

Another new addition which opened last Christmas is accommodation facilities for cats.

The price for a basic daily stay for dogs is €14 and €11 for cats, excluding food.

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