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Posted by nelson on August 08, 2017

A Canadian family has appealed for help tracing the “hero” surfer who rescued one of their children from almost certain death during the family holiday last month.

Michael Wazacz has been in touch with Lagos campaign group ASMAA in the hope that someone, somewhere will know who the surfer is.

The rescue happened on Praia Dona Ana on Tuesday July 4.

When the family got to the beach “the waves were high”, but the family’s three boys “wanted to go in”.

“I warned them about the riptide”, explains Wazacz, but the boys dashed in, believing they could deal with it.

“Two of them were pulled out. It happened so quickly”, said the father.

“I went in after them and managed to get hold of one. The other was swept away. I thought I had lost him.

“When I was helped back to shore, my wife was screaming that they had him. I could not believe it. It was a miracle! My son was on a surfboard, and was saved! A surfer had rescued him just before he went under.

“I have never been so grateful in all of my life”, the man continued. “But I could not thank him properly because he was back to the surf as soon as he had seen my son to safety.

“This man is a true hero, and thought nothing of what he had done”.

The family believes the surfer is local to the area, and just wants to be able to say thank you properly.

As Michael Wasacz said it could be a search that leads nowhere, but he had to “tell someone with the slim chance that this person gets word as to how much I appreciate that I have my son safely back here in Montreal because of him. Thank you, Obrigado”.

Anyone who thinks they know the hero surfer’s identity should get in touch either with the Resident, or with ASMAA (Algarve Surf and Maritime Activities Association) through the group’s Facebook page.


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