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Posted by portugalpress on May 11, 2018

Former government ministers from the Sócrates’ era who negotiated crippling PPP (public private) road contracts are suddenly back in the public eye with avengence.

Newspapers, television and radio have talked of nothing less for the last 48 hours, but the men themselves are staying mum.

Say reports, António Mendonça and Mário Lino - along with former secretary of state Paulo Campos - are all due to be slapped with ‘arguido’ (official suspect) status in an investigation into corruption and mismanagement.

As with the investigation into former secretary of state João Vasconcelos (click here), Sábado broke the news, suggesting “thousands of documents have been analysed along with banking movements, emails and hours of telephone wire taps”.

The investigation has taken seven years, says the paper, guaranteeing that PJ police and the Public Ministry have “found evidence” not just of mismanagement and corruption, but fiscal fraud, the trafficking of influences and money laundering.

During the Sócrates’ governments, António Mendonça and Mário Lino both held positions as ministers of Public Works, while Paulo Campos was the department’s secretary of state.

The most cripplingly expensive of PPPs negotiated involve road concessions in the north of the country, the Beira Litoral e Alta and Porto.

According to Público, also under investigators’ microscope is the “renegotiation of contracts to introduce tolls on former SCUT highways”, of which the Algarve’s A22 is one.