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Posted by portugalpress on February 22, 2018

Dear Editor,

Maybe something to pay attention to: the cycling contest of Friday, February 16 led to the closure of many roads in the region, including the ones around Carvoeiro.

There was no announcement whatsoever and it was impossible to get to Carvoeiro, Rocha Brava and Clube Atlântico. None of the policemen were interested in the problem that it caused to those living there and even 112 sent us (back) to the local police to resolve problems.

How can a town organise such an event and not inform those who will be affected, nor make alternative routes available and inform those policemen that are meant to keep things running smoothly.

I can only imagine that it is for the greater image of the local authorities, as they can say they held a big cycling event in Lagoa, regardless of the trouble it caused..

I hope you will be able to stir up the local politicians so that maybe next time things will be better organised and people can get on with their lives without being bothered by some sport event that raises trouble and little interest among locals.

Herman Dommering
By email