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Posted by nelson on August 09, 2017

Lagoa council has presented four municipal plans that aim to serve as focus for borough development until 2025.

The presentation took place on Saturday, July 29 at the municipal auditorium. Mayor Francisco Martins said the plans are still “open to changes”.

They include the Plano Estratégico de Desenvolvimento (PED, or Strategic Plan of Development), which has five objectives: “to revitalise and strengthen the local economy; to improve land use planning; to help the borough reach its potential by promoting it; to move towards environmental sustainability and to bring the council closer to citizens.”

Also presented was the Plano de Reabilitação Urbana (PRU, or Urban Rehabilitation Plan) which will give landowners a chance to apply for funding to renovate old buildings in the borough and also improve their energetic efficiency, while the council unveiled its PMUS - a plan to create a sustainable urban mobility system.

The event heard that Lagoa’s PDM (the plan that establishes which areas can be ‘urbanised’) is also very close to completion, and is “due to free up more space for construction”.



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