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Posted by portugalpress on July 10, 2018

Takings at hotels in Lisbon have surpassed those totted up in establishments across the Algarve “for the first time in 10 years”.

With the capital, as well as almost all other regions of the country, enjoying a tourism boom like no other previously experienced, Expresso reports this week that income for 2017 exceeded the billion euro barrier.

“Just in itself, that’s a first for the last 10 years, but there’s more. For the first time since 2007 Lisbon has overtaken the Algarve with a difference of €36.2 million”.

The capital’s growth last year has been pegged at 22%, while the Algarve ‘grew’ in terms of tourist income by 13%.

According to consultants Deloitte, Lisbon’s total ‘takings’ for hotel guests/ overnight stays/ bookings brought in €1,065,685, while the Algarve registered total gains of €1,028,014.

Bizarrely, while in the past Portugal has been described as a country full of waiters, AHRESP - the association for the catering/ hotel sector - says this boomtime has “not been accompanied by an increase in the pool of labour, particularly when it comes to catering and waiting staff”.

Thus while hotels may be raking it in, restaurants are struggling shorthanded, hampered by the fact that salaries offered are usually low, and hours “demanding”.

Agrees AHRESP vice-president Joaquim Ribeiro, restaurant work is “not appealing”. Plans to counter the growing staff shortfall are in hand, however. Ribeiro told reporters this week that his association is working with the Ministry of Labour to open up training programmes for the unemployed.


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