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Posted by portugalpress on May 16, 2018

As of Saturday (May 11), Portimão’s new terminal near the Arena pavilion is officially the town’s stop for long-distance buses.

The ‘Expresso’ buses no longer stop at the riverside and now only pick up and drop off passengers at the new terminal.

Many locals have criticised the location of the terminal for being too far away from the town centre, which is why a free shuttle bus service for passengers has been launched linking the terminal and the riverside.

However, the shuttle service stops at 9.25pm, meaning anyone arriving later will have to find another way to get into town.

Portimão mayor Isilda Gomes has revealed the shuttle service will cost the local government “€375 a day”.

Speaking about the new terminal, she said that it will help “alleviate traffic in the town centre and reduce CO2 emissions”.

Gomes also said that the new terminal offers passengers better conditions as opposed to before when they were forced to wait out “in the hot or cold” at the riverside.

The new terminal has been open since last year and cost the local council around €270,000.