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Posted by portugalpress on September 13, 2018

Just as the ‘race to buy-up the last slice of prime Alentejo coastline’ Herdade da Comporta hits a new chicane, tabloid reports suggest Grândola council has “saved” the demolition of Ricardo Salgado’s luxury beach house at Praia do Pego.

Despite reports suggesting the contrary, the communist led council claims the property possessed a valid building licence and was therefore not illegal.

The stand goes against an administrative action put forwards by the Public Ministry calling for the house, along with a number of others, to be demolished.

Say reports, “for now the council is waiting for the decision of the Administrative and Fiscal Tribunal of Beja, without which there is no requirement for demolition”.

This is an issue that has been lurching every which way for years - certainly since the family bank went belly-up back in 2014.

Meantime, ‘potential investors’ in Comporta are suddenly down from three actively vying bids to one: that of Cork and GALP heiress Paula de Amorim.

Negocios online reported yesterday that the consortium led by British wheeler-dealer Mark Holyoake has dropped out (click here), as has the interest by French eco-‘prince’ Louis Albert de Broglie.

By coincidence, de Broglie owns one of the homes said to be under threat of demolition (click here).

Also by coincidence, former boss of BES Angola - businessman Álvaro Sobrinho has also been telling Angola television news channel TPA that his side of the banking operation failed due to political pressure, not because of any kind of insolvency.

Sobrinho has continued to deny that he ‘diverted €600 million of BESA funds’ (still apparently missing today) - saying he was sacked from his post as president of the bank’s executive commissi because he ‘refused to take the blame’.

His relationship with Salgado is “bad”, he added.