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Posted by portugalpress on August 06, 2018

GNR police confirmed the macabre discovery over the weekend of the body of a British expat at her home in Caramujeira (Lagoa).

The woman’s throat had been cut, purportedly by her own son - a 28-year-old manic depressive identified as Louis.

Issues within the tiny household (the father apparently left Portugal some years ago) were commonplace, say reports.

Last Saturday was no exception: police had to be called after a particularly violent “discussion” over Louis’ apparent desire to “light a fire”.

Given the stultifying temperatures, Louis’ 68-year-old mother Christine disagreed.

Tempers flared and the GNR made one of its apparently frequent trips to the household to intervene.

Agents left after Louis “appeared to be calmer”.

But a little while later he "started having strange behaviour”, neighbours have told tabloid Correio da Manhã.

“First he went to the neighbours’ house and when they opened the door he said that nothing had happened, returning to his home. A little while later he returned asking for a bottle of water. The neighbours started to get concerned”, writes the paper.

“I asked him where his mother was, but he said everything was all right”, the neighbour explained, adding: “I followed him to the house and saw the woman lying on the terrace, in front of her bedroom. She had a bruise and dried blood on her face”.

Louis remained “calm and waited for the arrival of the authorities”.

According to a source for the GNR, “Louis slit his mother’s throat in the bedroom and then dragged her out of the house”.

The disturbed young man “was being accompanied (in his condition) and has in the past been sectioned in Portimão hospital’s psychiatric unit”.

Say neighbours: “He always came back normal but then stopped taking his medication and relapsed”.

The family had been living in Caramujeira for the last 18 years, says CM, having purchased the luxury property from former German owners.

Mother and son “got on well with neighbours but were reserved”, said the paper.

Another neighbour has described Christine as "absolutely lovely. She was a bit eccentric, very spiritual, but just a very lovely lady".

It is unclear where Louis is now. GNR police say the case is in the hands of PJ police in Portimão who referred us to their ‘head office’ in Faro which said we should “call back later”.

Updates to follow.