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Posted by portugalpress on November 22, 2017
Charles Hewson of Sanef Tolling with one of the tolling tags
Sanef Tolling tags fit neatly behind the rear view mirror

A new “hassle-free” toll payment system entitled Sanef Tolling is due to be launched soon in Portugal, enabling drivers to travel on Portuguese motorways without having to worry about stopping at toll booths or waiting in queues to pay.
The system is already used by 150,000 UK customers, says the company.

Drivers are given a tag which is attached to a car’s windshield and used to automatically pay the tolls electronically.

“We’re excited to now offer the same time-saving and hassle-free service to UK-based customers driving on the thousands of miles of motorway in Portugal, which hasn’t been possible up to now without a European address and bank account,” said Charles Hewson, Director of New Business at Sanef Tolling.

“Now for the first time, Brits can register and pay in sterling for hassle-free travel on motorways in France, Spain and Portugal, rather than rummaging for small change or facing toll booth queues, saving both time and stress.”

The Sanef Tolling VIA-T tag costs €10 with a further €20 refundable deposit and then an annual charge of between €6 and €16, depending on how often it is used. Toll charges are additional.

Says the company: “A typical hire company in the Algarve charges between €1.85 and €2.50 a day for an equivalent tag plus the cost of the toll fees on top.”

This is how the system works: when a vehicle passes tolls, the electronic tag or transponder, which is placed on the windscreen close to the rear-view mirror, is automatically read, and the toll fee taken from the customer’s British bank account by Direct Debit up to 60 days later.

“By investing in a Sanef Tolling VIA-T tag, drivers are able to use the automated lanes and drive straight through toll barriers without any delays or the need for local currency. Not only that, but drivers driving in Portugal can also get a Galp fuel discount card with their purchase of their VIA-T tag, saving up to €0.07 a litre on fuel,” the company promises.