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Posted by nelson on August 07, 2017

Alfamar - the so-called rundown hotel years ago cited as one of the ‘quid pro quos’ of Portugal’s ruinous submarine ‘deal’ with German submarine consortium GSC - is finally on track for its long-promised revamp.

According to Correio da Manhã, a €119 million investment is going to transform the 4-star complex into a leading sports tourism resort.

Alfamar’s current quota of over 2,500 beds is to be upped by another 1004, and public consultation over the plans expires on Friday.

The project, explains the paper, covers 95 hectares between Falésia beach and Rocha Baixinha (next to Quarteira river) and has been presented by “groups Libertas-Investimento Imobiliário and Sun House”.

Plans also entail a “rural hotel and agriculture club” offering various sports options (including riding and physical rehabilitation) as well as ‘back to nature’ holiday living.

Intriguing is the fact that this story emerges literally as the time for public consultation ends.

According to the CCDR website, it began on July 17.

The Alfamar was named almost five years ago as one of the ‘compensations’ for Portugal having purchased, to the country’s huge financial detriment, two German submarines.

In a deal signed by the PSD minister of economy Álvaro Santos Pereira, GSC was to plough an estimated €150 million into the Alfamar to transform it into a “fully fledged resort”.

Further investments of €450 million were also promised - none of which ever transpired.

At the time, the Alfamar project was awarded PIN (“national public interest”) status, with media reports suggesting it would “contribute to an increase in Portugal’s capacity for exports and external direct investment”.

Curiously, CM’s story gives no information as to timings, simply saying that once upgraded, the Alfamar resort will attract “large returns” and focus on bringing premier league clubs to train and relax in the Algarve ‘tourism capital’.


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