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Posted by nelson on August 11, 2017

Following the alert sounded earlier this month (click here), diners-out in Lisbon have new reason to be on their toes. The worst offending rip-off restaurants are about to change their names, claims Correio da Manhã. It is another ruse to dupe customers into filing through their doors to be presented, at the end of a fairly standard meal, with an eye-popping bill.

The news comes in today’s story headlined: “Complaint sees €500 bill reduced by half”.

CM explains how the Baixa district’s Made in Correeiros restaurant saw one Eastern European couple call the police over their exorbitant bill to have it promptly reduced to €250.

Nonetheless, the couple remained furious - believing that €250 for what they had eaten was still way too much.

The bite of the story, however, came in a box entitled: changing name.

Made in Correeiros is now going to change its name, says CM, as the owners are “trying to escape the negative fame they have gained in recent weeks following complaints made clients over the internet”.

The worst of this is that Made in Correeiros is part of a chain of three, which all “practice the same scheme” (involving luring customers in off the street, without showing any kind of price list).

The other restaurants are “Obrigado Lisboa” and “Tiagu’s”, writes CM - not explaining whether these two will be changing their names.

Thus it is a question of maintaining vigilance: not succumbing to streetside solicitations, and making quite sure you know the cost of the meal you are ordering.

Advice too is to check the price of any ‘couvert’ (butters, patés, olives/ little bits of carrot etc.) as these too can carry a high price tag.



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