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Posted by portugalpress on August 07, 2018

Former PSD prime minister Pedro Santana Lopes has thrown a curved ball into the political arena by leaving the centre-right party he has supported for 40 years to create a new one altogether that, say reports, will almost certainly take votes from both the centre right and left-wingers Bloco de Esquerda.

Considering next year is an election year, and voters appear unenamoured with every party - particularly ruling PS Socialists - Santana Lopes is laughing.

But his old colleagues and adversaries are taking a dim view of developments.

Even President Marcelo has said words to the effect that ‘a political party is a family, and no one can change their family’ (no matter how much they may want to…).

Santana Lopes ‘threat’ has been gauged by polling company Aximage which found that 37.5% of CDS supporters would happily change their vote for the new party, while 27.8% of PSD would remove their support of ‘the old party’ and go for the new.

Bloco de Esquerda, according to the poll, would lose 25.1%.

On top of the Roberto Robles debacle (click here), this could be a major body-blow for the little party that otherwise ‘clings to fame’ as one of the government’s allies.