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Posted by portugalpress on April 20, 2017

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Such has been Penguin’s growth in recent years, the company has now changed its website and email addresses from ‘Penguin Aircon’ to ‘Penguin Algarve’, reflecting its broader expertise in all aspects of energy-saving home heating and cooling. Director Chris Blackburn explains: “Although air conditioning is still our core activity, it’s just one of our fields nowadays, so the ‘aircon’ tag was limiting our market reach.”

Established in 2008, Penguin has expanded from a staff of five to today’s complement of 20, offering expertise in all aspects of energy-efficient heating and cooling: air conditioning, solar systems for hot water; photovoltaic (PV) solar systems for self-generation of electricity; top-efficiency heat pumps for warm water underfloor and radiator systems, even pool heating.

Such all-round expertise attracts larger projects, and nowadays Penguin works with architects, engineers and builders to design and install fully-integrated systems for new homes, with energy-efficiency the guiding principle. Coupled with these technologies are the latest ‘smart’ devices to make a home easier to monitor, control and achieve maximum energy savings.

Now with Easter upon us, it’s Penguin’s air conditioning pedigree that returns to the fore, as many property owners and managers prepare for the holiday season ahead. Chris emphasises the point: “All air-con systems need proper servicing before the rigorous use they receive over the warm seasons. An inexpensive maintenance visit in the spring can avoid more costly repairs and inconvenience in the summer – and your system will run more efficiently.”

For more information on all Penguin’s services, visit their website.

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