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Posted by portugalpress on July 11, 2018
Photo by: Fernando Guerra
Photo by: Marlene Uldschmidt
Photo by: Marlene Uldschmidt

A new exhibition that showcases photographs of Ferragudo and its fishermen has opened at the village’s new art gallery Galeria Vasco da Gama 26 and will remain open until the end of October.

Entitled ‘Mar e Terra’ (Land and Sea), the exhibition was brought to life by German architect and photographer Marlene Uldschmidt who was responsible for the renovation of the historic building which was badly rundown before being completely fixed up and turned into a new art gallery.

The photographs show several facets of the picturesque fishing village and its people, most notably its fishermen who allowed themselves to be photographed in seldom seen ways.

These photos date back to 2010 and to the day when the fishermen’s association of Ferragudo was created in front of the old warehouses near the river and the sea, where fish is served in modern restaurants.

All of the fishermen were asked to put on a white shirt and sit on a stool in front of a whitewashed wall.

Most of them were “nervous, uncomfortable and hesitant” until one of them stepped up and opened the photo session and the next one followed until “none of them wanted to miss out.”

The idea, according to Marlene, was that the whiteness of their shirts and background would “accentuate the outlines and character of each of their faces”.

The new gallery is located just a stone’s throw away from where the fishermen’s association was founded.

It has two entrances: one from the riverside, where the boats used to be pulled in to be repaired, and another from Rua Vasco da Gama 26, where boats used to be stored.

The exhibition can be visited everyday from 3pm to 9pm.

Admission is free.

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