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Posted by nelson on August 11, 2017

Three armed men who allegedly wore clown masks to rob and terrify a woman in her Évora home in January have been arrested by PJ police.

The men - described as brothers from Paderne (Albufeira) – have been accused of stealing cell phones and watches worth around €2,500.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã claims they used “gloves” so as not to leave fingerprints and threatened the woman with a G3 rifle and a Glock pistol “similar to those used by police”.

The newspaper said the men apparently “knew the area well”, having broken in through the garden at a time when their 30-year-old victim was resting.

The young woman, who works in a neighbouring bar, was left “in shock”.

CM suggests the trio had “mutual acquaintances” with the victim.

The men – a tattooist, a launderette employee and one unemployed, all in their 30s – are due to be heard in court.



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