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Posted by portugalpress on October 11, 2018

Police are investigating reports denouncing the “unimaginable conditions” in which around 250 goats and sheep were discovered in “an old rundown vacant quinta” near Faro by animal protectors last week.

An outraged post went out over social media last Friday, giving graphic detail of what the writer called “a mass factory farm for goat meat breeding”.

Dead animals – particularly baby goats – were photographed in buckets. There was a heartbreaking shot of an adult goat with a plastic bag tied round its head – and the writer exhorted all those following the Anything Animal Algarve Facebook page to ‘share, share, share this post’ in order to name and shame “the monster of a person who thinks it is acceptable to behave and treat living animals like this”.

The person was then named within the body of text and an image of him included among the photographs.

The Resident picked up the story for our online edition and spoke with the family that has been breeding the Algarvian sheep and goats for five generations.

The breeder’s son Aníbal gave the family’s side of the story, but this has been denounced as “a pack of lies” by animal protectors who were outraged by the space given to his explanations.

Suffice it to say, the family refutes completely that it feeds dead goats to its “four starving dogs” and has instructed lawyers to react to all the printed allegations.

A police spokesman in Faro confirms that the case has been referred to the GNR’s environmental arm SEPNA, and that this should be investigating and reporting back shortly.

The spokesman said it was unlikely that anything very serious would be found, but that there “may have been a lack of care” in the way livestock was being kept.

Aníbal explained that the reason for dead animals at the farm was that no breeders are authorised to dispose of cattle carcasses: they have to be collected by a national entity that can take days to arrive.

Animal lovers maintain that the conditions at the farm were “shocking”, the smell “gut wrenching” and the sheer number of deceased goats, adults and babies which surrounded the living “utterly inhumane”.

The animal protectors removed two baby goats when they left the farm, both of which have since died.

The Facebook post claims “all the animals have been removed” from the farm, but the family’s explanation is that the herd is constantly on the move to new pasture.


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