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Posted by portugalpress on May 13, 2018

In a bittersweet result, Portugal came in at the bottom of the table in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, despite that fact that as hosting country, tourism this month has ‘gone off the scale’.

Lisbon was transformed into what locals described as ‘a madhouse’ for the event - but the bottom-line impression is that cash registers were pinging all over the capital.

Sadly, the tirade that last year’s winner Salvador Sobral delivered on Israel’s song “Toy”, may have worked to Portugal’s disadvantage in the casting of votes. The country came last with just 39 points.

An example of ‘karma on elastic’, Israel’s overwhelming win, polling 529 votes - 93 points ahead of 2nd place Cyprus - meant that Sobral also had to ‘hand over the baton’ with suitable deference to the kind of music he clearly abhors.

But, as the saying goes, it’s all in the past now. Netta Barzilai is returning home to Israel as an example of what can be achieved against all kinds of odds, police sharp-shooters have packed up their hardware and left Altice Arena just as it was before the extravaganza, and all other contestants are preparing to leave.

Britain’s SuRie got a lot of respect for the way she handled a protester who stormed the stage during her performance to shout about Nazis and freedom (click here), but she too will be going home with a fairly dismal result (48 votes) to show for all the hard work and bravado.

Alluding to the politics that is so often behind the results in events like this, the Guardian’s Phil Harrison wrote: “Let’s be honest, at the moment, we could bust out the new Beatles and still finish 14th. Best to set aside partisanship and enjoy this absurdist spectacle while we still can”.