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Posted by portugalpress on February 12, 2018

The UK’s imminent withdrawal from funding the European Union has left countries scrambling to suggest ways the money can be replaced. And, according to national media, Portugal will be proposing three new European taxes.

These taxes won’t, per se, fall on European citizens, explains Público.

They target online platforms, polluting companies and international financial transactions.

Said RTP, the issue of polluting companies is especially relevant bearing in mind the problems affecting the Tejo river, while the “digital question” could, the government believes, lead to “large fiscal agreements” if the European bloc is united.

RTP adds that Brexit isn’t the only reason for “reinforcing the European budget”. Europe needs “more funds for defence and common security”, in the name of increased cohesion between member states, says the station,

The ‘loss’ of UK income translates into a €17 billion hole (in gross terms), adds RTP, stressing that prime minister António Costa accepts that every European country should be contributing ‘more’ to the community budget.

Costa supports the view of European Commission president Jean-Claude Junker who says member states should start contributing 1.2% of GDP to the community budget, instead of the current 1%.

Say reports, Costa’s tax plans will be presented at the next meeting of the European Council, due to take place on February 23.