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Posted by portugalpress on April 21, 2017

A family is incensed over the disastrous consequences of an operation to their son’s ears.

The boy, now 14, was born with what Correio da Manhã calls his “ears out of place” (orelhas descoladas).

According to the paper he was made fun off at school, and had “problems with integration”.

His parents opted for a surgery which they were “promised”, says the father, “would be simple”.

“My son would be kept in for 24-hours and the problem would be resolved”, Paulo Sá told the first session of a claim for damages that opened before Matosinhos judges on Thursday.

But what in fact transpired was that the boy was kept in hospital for three days, and when he came out he had to spend six weeks wearing a hat, “to cover his ears”.

The operation - far from solving the problem - made it worse, says Sá.

The child’s ears were broken, the father told the court, and his son had to have psychological counselling.

Today, the youngster wears his hair long “to hide his ears” - and this is why the family is demanding justice.

The Sá’s are claiming €15,000 in damages from Matosinhos’ Boa Nova private hospital. They see this sum as sufficient to give their son the chance of getting corrective surgery when he is older, with enough left over in the form of compensation.

The hospital - part of the Trofa Saúde group - is refusing to pay this amount, however, thus the case is set to continue.